SMBC Nikko Securities workers nabbed for alleged stock manipulation


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Tokyo prosecutors on Friday arrested four employees of SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. The four employees, including Trevor Hill, the 51-year-old head of the company's equity department, The other three suspects are deputy equity chief Alexandre Avakiants, 44, Makoto Yamada, 44, and Shinichiro Okazaki, 56.

If they can get non-Japanese execs, like Greg Kelly they'll try to get other non-Japanese even if that was a Japanese simple bow will be accepted as an apology.

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It is rare for Tokyo prosecutors to raid a major Japanese securities company for market manipulation...

Not if foreigners are involved!

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Oh, they gonna do another Ghosn and Kelly here.

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'Alleged' but named and their pictures are already published? 3 JP employees of an old JP securites company were found guilty of insider trading few years ago but they were let off because 'they didn't know it was actually insider trading' all swept under the carpet quickly.

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Trevor Hill must have been up for a promotion giving him more power in the Japanese firm. Therefore, we will hear about some Japanese whistle blower who did not like Mr. Hill.

The alternative will be one of those Japanese executives got caught by the police on another crime like drugs then decided to give up a bigger fish to get off.

The prosecutors will be clamoring for this case because the public and the world agree that the J-justice system is a joke after Ghosn and Kelly's farce of a trial.

They want to change the narrative to see "You can't put foreigners in high positions in Japanese companies. They are all criminals. We were right about Ghosn. By the way, ignore the Japanese criminals doing the same thing."

Nihon da yo!

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Stock price manipulation in the market of securities companies is carried out on a daily basis.

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