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Teen arrested in school attack says he wanted to experience killing


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I thought this "video game violence" crap was over years ago, but apparently not. How can you link every violent crime committed to video games, when this isn't the beginning of violent crimes?

What needs to happen is an increase in mental health screening. Without proper in-school counselling, and education on death/loss, these things will not change. Playing a violent video game doesn't make someone think "I wonder what killing someone in real life will feel like." Any more than a violent movie, news story, or book about something like revenge ever would. If anything, video games are more of a deterrent, a way to relieve stress and anger.

I do agree that proper education on the difference between death and violence in the media, compared to real life is important from a young age. But, the more important thing is finding out why a psychopath is one earlier is better.

When there are social issues, personality issues, family problems, school bullying, and numerous other factors that could be at play here, stop blaming video games. Educate, and provide proper counselling for kids and adults who ever have these kinds of thoughts. No matter what the reason.

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We've all seen the latest Jeffrey Dahmer show on Netflix. We know how this story will probably end. This kid needs psychiatric help and close surveillance for the rest of their life.

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the rhetoric that violent games make violent people has been disproven dozens of times now for the last 3 and a half decades, amazing that it still gets tossed around. The again I’m sure these are the posters thinking mortal kombats scorpion shooting flames from his skull head is something that can be imitated. Despite games in general vastly trending away from Uber violence in most cases.

still, this kid and those like him need help if not to be monitored for a significant amount of time. Seem to have a lot more going on than suddenly just wanting to experience killing

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He is only 17 and he wasn’t able to kill anyone. He will be sent to a kids reformatory and be back in the public next year when he is 18.

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I hope he is also interested in experiencing jail.

He should get 15 years. But he won't. He is a minor.

I think it is not so much that these people want to experience killing. But want to experience killing while they are still minors becaue they know the penalty (jail time) is quite minimal.

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Better if he wanted to see what it is like to be stabbed.

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Very shocking and sad. My heart goes out to the victim. The assailant is insane and it is a failing that this wasn’t picked up before it came to this happened.

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This sad muppet needs to “experience” an insane asylum.

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I agree with @Elvis. Right on dude.

The school's main entrance was not locked

why do schools have to be locked? This and China are the safest places on earth.

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I hope he is the same person who is responsible for the mutilated cats, because otherwise there is another psycho out there ready to escalate to humans.

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I ask my self why do these attacks seam to happen in elementary, junior, high schools, is it because of they prey is pretty much defenceless,? If these nut jobs want to shoot up, or stab a person to see what it's like to see someone die, I've noticed that they don't go into a military base and try attacking some one. We all know what the result will be.

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@ Elvis is here, The vast majority of video game players do not become murderers.

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The vast majority of video game players do not become murderers.

How do you know?

Because the majority of kids and adults play video games and only a very small minority of kids and adults have become murderers.

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I don't understand how he got all the way to the third floor without anyone stopping him. He may look young for his age and could pass as a junior high school student, but surely he didn't have the uniform. On the other hand, if he looked older or so, that should have led someone to at least ask him what his business was.

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Working so hard "we" might sprain something.

Try premeditated. 3 knives + reasons. Course if yer an MD, like Quincy…

So many cranks around.

Oh. Now its cus cameras?

Which is it? Is he the crank pot killer or the camera shy killer?

If yer saying cameras coulda stopped the guy with 3 sharp knives looking for blood, you gotta another thing coming. Or maybe you think some cops woulda bothered to do the job and figure out dead cat bodies everywhere instead of waiting for some camera to tell em its already too late again.

Security cameras would seem like a minimum these days and not so expensive.

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This is really heartbroken for me as a teacher in public schools. In fact I don’t know what they usually discuss at PTA meetings. Parents should be able to take responsibilities of their children. I’ve seeing some bad attitude some students possessed in class room, no respect for teachers and their parents always in support of them.

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"I was interested in killing anyone," the suspect was quoted as saying. "I also wanted to see what would happen when someone is killed."

So...as a comeback - I am wondering the teacher saying: "I was interested in killing anyone who tries killing me, and I also wanted to see what's gonna happen when someone dies unsuccessfully for trying."


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His wish of experience killing should be granted by getting him killed. It’s another way of getting him experience to prepare him for the next life. His parents should also be locked up for life. What type of child they raised.

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I'm guessing all the violent video games and movies are bending minds of young people (and adults). I'm sure violent crime worldwide is higher in the last few decades.

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I've noticed that they don't go into a military base and try attacking some one. We all know what the result will be.

Yes they won't be able to enter.

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The dumbest thought he had was he wanted to experience what it’s like to kill. The result in is thinking is he wanted to experience what life is like being locked up like a dog.

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He probably wants to live out in reality the game he has been playing.

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"Schools in Japan have improved safety measures since a 2001 incident in which a knife-wielding man entered an elementary school in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, and killed eight students, wounding 15 others."

Yeah, a slightly taller gate, still easily scalable, and that is always open anyway.

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I wonder if anyone’s studying this phenomenon 

What’s to study there, and what has that to do with only being a phenomenon in Japan? No, that’s everywhere the same, the kids, and this one especially, learn violence and other bad behavior as well as killing and then copy from other kids, from adults, from teachers and from mass media like TV, internet, SNS or even from history of course. And something is good and something is bad in that process, and also some kind of violence is considered good and some kind as bad although the same violence. A few examples only, Depending from the focus or viewpoint, but the ones who killed thousands by atomic bombs are heroes, gang killers in Chicago, among many young people they are considered heroes, Russians killing Ukrainians considered bad, vice versa and the same violent war crimes , the Ukrainians killing Russians are heroes. Now, that’s one part of the answer here too, he has not got a compass what’s good or bad, wanted to experience killing, so that he’s now in the news, in history and by a very few even considered a hero and later again copied by them too in the next cases.

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The vast majority of video game players do not become murderers.

How do you know?

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I'm with you, Victoria Maude, I think there is something to study. "I just wanted to know what it is like..." is a regular explanation in Japan and it seems remarkable. Just because something pops out of your head as an explanation based on some prejudiced way of seeing the world, doesn't mean it is true, or even makes sense to anyone.

Not sure what you mean, CKAI. Cameras won't solve the issue entirely, for sure, but they may make the casual nut think twice about entering a school, even if not the committed one.

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So many cranks around.

But while most schools have crisis management manuals in place, challenges remain around the introduction of costly measures, such as installing security cameras and hiring security guards.

Security cameras would seem like a minimum these days and not so expensive. Japan is notoriously stingy on public money for the education sector. Maybe schools could wheedle it out of parents worried about kids' safety from nuts and bullies though.

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I blame video games. Those shooting games put the child in the POV of a killer. Can't be good.

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