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Tokyo train attacker served new attempted murder warrant


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I could never sympathize with someone like him. But however unpopular my opinion, this man may have been asking for mental health (not directly) for a long time, and no one intervened. Mental health worldwide is at stake. It's not a new problem. In 1999, two teens in Colorado, US, escaped for nearly a year undetected by the mental health services of a diversion program and committed one of the worst killings at a high school.

Does this man on the Tokyo train deserves punishment? I think so. But he also deserves mental health treatment as no sane person would ever do what he did to "get a death sentence".

Treatment and punishment must get along.

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Foolish and unskilled, unlike the Joker.

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A man arrested following a knife attack on a Tokyo train on Halloween night was served a fresh arrest warrant Monday

It's good to see justice in Japan where multiple warrant being used a to a criminal but it can be used to innocent people too.

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But prosecutors on Monday suspended their decision on whether to charge Hattori over the allegation.

what does that mean?

just charge him for multiple crimes, it’s not rocket science. Give him the harshest possible sentence for each of the crimes and combine them.

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"Hattori has told police that he was not doing well at work and not getting along with people."

"He lost it"

Ready for lockup.

Request identity check.


Perhaps he could have renewed his sanity, Maybe someplace b4 this event? but in j land once the grind is on the millstones does not let up- very very cold hateful society

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He wants the death penalty, but alas he will not get it.

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He should go to a very small jail for life.

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"his act was inspired by another knife attack in August"

Not much counseling services available.

But the over maned squad of Master aftermathers will arrive shortly with priority blue tarps if something pops off.

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Let’s hope his wish for the death penalty will be fulfilled

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Everyone most certainly definitely doesn't circulate in the same ironic system.

Perhaps you assume that you are omnipresent and can see and know what all other people are experiencing ?

Obviously Kyota Hattori this is not the end of his chapter is it !

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He needs treatment in a secure location, kept well away from society until proven to be no danger to others.

A facility more secure than Arkham Asylum, famed for housing the Joker and other nefarious villains.

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Seems he was unstable for some time and unable to fit in with society ultimately orchestrating this dreadful attention to end his chapter. This is the ironic system we all circulate in and begs the reminder to remain vigilant - take nothing for granted.

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So they are not charging him yet, why? Because he’s white? If he was black, he would have been found guilty already, or worse dead.

Oh wait, wrong country.

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