Convicted man arrested after 4 days on run


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Quote: Although he informed the police on Friday that he would turn himself in on Saturday, he did not do so, according to an investigative source.

So, a thief and a liar.

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On Sunday, Kobayashi's friend who was with him at the apartment in Yokosuka was also arrested on suspicion of harboring a criminal.

I feel sorry for Kobayashi's friend getting embroiled in the suspect's getaway drama. Anyway, it's good the suspect has been arrested.

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He looks very tired--resigned to his (inevitable) fate. Kobayashi should look on the bright side: now he can see his wife and child (and serve his debt to society).

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Hmm. Seems like the police are patcher into the CCTV of many private companies such as convenience stores and use algorithms to target the suspect. Not that that is bád, particularly if you've done nothing wrong. But if you're a fugitive, there is nowhere to run - ever.

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Why isn't media other than Yomiuri broadcast using tattoo pictures(criminals)? If you look at this picture, you will soon be able to understand what kind of person he is. He does not need sympathy. He is a member of the gang (YAKUZA) and has committed many crimes.

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Is the guy who escaped from seven policemen?

If so, glad they finally got him, but how embarrassing for the police!

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Has a knife and escapes being taken into custody. Shoot him. Why risk some innocent person from being stabbed or attacked by this criminal. One less worthless member of society to deal with.

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According to the police, Kobayashi had been a member of a group that engaged in 105 cases of theft throughout 2017, stealing valuables worth about 38 million yen ($354,000).

Very low-level guy...

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"Those dirty rotten coppers. They'll never suspect that I am at a friend's house." Good they got this mastermind off the streets and he's lucky he is in Japan because brandishing a knife at a cop in the U.S. very often gets you filled with a few slugs and I don't mean the ones that delayed those trains in Kyushu. One more thing: Yokosuka is not near Tokyo.

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According to media reports, this guy is from a 3-generation family of career criminals, punks, bikers, thieves and thugs, and is connected by a relative's marriage to a higher up in an organized crime family.

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