Ex-TEPCO execs plead not guilty as trial starts over Fukushima nuclear crisis


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Money Over Matter. I want more money so nothing/no one else matters.

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"We were not the position that can know risk"

"We could not predict risk"

Such irresponsible excuse had often assisted evasion of the responsibility in Japanese Court.

Japan's nuclear industries and authorities divert their eyes from worst case as before Fukushima disaster.

They do not investigate even feasibility of evacuation plans yet.

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End nuclear energy. That's how you prevent nuclear disasters.

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You can get them from the top of the reactor buildings. We couldn't move the backup generators up there as that where we store the golden parachutes.

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amakuradi and golden parachute. were can i buy them?

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",,,,he had "no memory of being briefed" about the information." How convenient.

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Unfair Trial outcome as we all want the "Hang 'em" outcome.

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"It was impossible to predict the accident."

let me rephrase it in the context "It would have cost us money to prevent the accident"

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"It was impossible to predict the accident."

It was entirely possible, but preventative measures would have cost money and that's why they weren't taken. Still, these guys will never be convicted in a Japanese court; people like them never are.

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Isn't there a napkin drawing explaining the risks to executives? And didn't they ignore all the advice given. I'm sure if I were living in a temporary shelter after 6 years, might have a question or two for these high paid executive people.

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Serious risk of immense Tsunami against nuclear plants had been pointed before 2011.

but it was ignored.

not only former top of Tepco,

Japan's major power corporations that have nuclear plants are still irresponsible.

Kyushu Electric Power Corporation with 2 nuclear power stations denied even shareholders' suggestion that "Let's regard Fukushima nuclear disaster as largest lesson".

Japan's pro-government nationwide newspaper "Yomiuri" insisted that "100 msv/year is safe".

Japan's nuclear industries and policy are full of "safety myth" or "nuclear power myth"or arrogance and optimism as same as before Fukushima disaster.

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If an event can not be predicted then to rule it out impossible is stupid. QED.

This, as already declared by an investigative panel, WAS deemed possible. Send them to JAIL.

“Oink, Oink... ZOOOM.”

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There are many issues and important points. Having worked in the heavy chemical industry, safety of the plant and its workers are paramount. I worked with control systems and safety aspects of the plants too. The standards in those plants were very high.

For same reason, I had always thought that nuclear power plant, like a chemical or biological warfare plant would be operating at the highest levels and beyond.

The owner of the plant, in this case TEPCO are responsible for the safety of their nuclear plant and its workers. There were many design problems and issues which should have been fixed. The lack of safety management was another deadly issue.

TEPCO have also been fined for previous mistakes and mishandling of the safety issues. But at the time of the earthquake and tsunami the plant was being operated according to the safety standards issued by the government and the various atomic safety agencies. The whole of the nuclear village are guilty just theEx-TEPCO executives.

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This scenario was predicted long before. In fact, a French team of nuclear experts advised TEPCO to move all the back up generators to the roofs of the housings and waterproof all the electrical systems in 2001, which they totally ignored. Had they done this there would have been no meltdowns at all.

These re jokers have pleaded not guilty and that is what the end verdicts will be.

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It took Fukushima residents and their supporters more than five years to bring the three former key officials before a criminal court, as prosecutors had thrice decided not to charge them.

This! ^

It's no stretch of the imagination to expect to see these guys (and others) walking away from this and on to a cushy retirement. After all, TIJ.

I wonder if those responsible for all the corruption after the event will also be stand in court someday...

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This scenario was predicted by the international atomic organization 1 year earlier. Probably the exec have been drunk at this time.

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"It was impossible to predict the accident."

Except that isn't exactly true

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If these guys go down ill eat my head.

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"It was impossible to predict the accident."

Im sure this statement will be repeated the next time there's another disaster.

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