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Kabuki actor Ennosuke gets suspended term for helping parents' suicides


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But it decided to suspend his term, as asked by his defense team, as he has shown remorse and his supporters have vowed to help him recover. 

What a joke! So saying sorry and having people that will help you "recover" is all it takes to get out of a prison term in Japan? By the way, what could he supposedly "recover" from?

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Suspended sentences, don't try by yourself folks only high profile people can get that.

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his culpability for the criminal act "cannot be taken lightly."

And yet, it has been. He helped his parents commit suicide because he could not deal with them having to deal with his own exposed transgressions.

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So this fellow essentially walks away scot-free after being instrumental in his parents death and allegedly bullying and sexually abusing actors and staff working at his theater collective.

And I’m guessing he’ll make his return to Kabuki in a few years.


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I hope the scum never works again. But in all likelihood he will - his "supporters" will demonstrate he is now rehabilitated.

The lives of his parents were worth as much as dog excrement.

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No surprise.... all very fishy but a revered kabuki icon can get away with anything, even helping to kill his parents.

Does he get to keep the inheritance?

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The justice system is just Kabuki , innit?

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Is this a joke? Did I miss six months of my life and it’s April Fool’s or something? Talk about a two-tiered justice system. If you or I, or any country doctor had done this………smh

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And I’m guessing he’ll make his return to Kabuki in a few years.

Yes, there will be great publicity over the return of Ennosuke to kabuki after all the trauma he has suffered. Crowds will be lined up to see him and people will be interviewed and say that it is good to have him back demonstrating his talents and feeling sorry about his anguish. I can see it now. And his role in manslaughter will be marginalised.

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And all this caused by the "shame" he supposedly brought on his family by "allegedly" sexually harassing a male and being a homosexual.

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'Helping' suicides alone is already quite an issue, but when considering that there were beforehand severe other incidents that lead to those suicides, I can't understand so well, why now that whole package in sum doesn't have sufficient impact to count at court with some significance. Maybe he can do what he wants as a rich famous person and cultural asset. What me more interests now is, what the real limits would be, if there are any, how far someone in his category could act until a first small reaction or stop sign appears.

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The Tokyo District Court handed the 47-year-old Ennosuke a jail term of three years, suspended for five years, saying his decision to assist his parents' suicides was "short-sighted" and that his culpability for the criminal act "cannot be taken lightly."

This guy is getting away with a serious crime, and the words "can not be taken lightly" are hypocritical at best.

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He better get immediate mental health care to prevent another attempt.

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Suspended, on condition that . . . He never does it again? Oh wait, he can’t do it again. He already helped them to die.

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Must be nice to be famous.

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In effect, it could be argued that he sacrificed his parents in order to be able to continue his career.

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Big surprise... a suspended sentence for a celebrity.

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One rule for us plebs another for politicians and the rich and or famous !


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TBF, his criminality is reduced by the fact it was a suicide - that is, his parents agreed to die and may even have made the initial proposal during that discussion. Further, he himself was perfectly ready to die for the entire affair too. He was saved against his will.

Finally, we have to realize there is a possibility that the newspaper account, who clearly placed heavy weight on the words of the accuser, is simply not the truth. Nevertheless, either way an irrecoverable stigma will stick to him, so it is somewhat reasonable for him to choose suicide, and even his parents with old mental mores - you know Death Before Dishonor and all that.

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It's a sickening common event in Japan. The well-known and public loved figures can pretty much do anything and escape any punishment. The faux apology is revolting.

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