Kimono firm chief arrested after furor on Coming-of-Age Day


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zichi : "greed"? He's awful at running a business to the point of having to falsify financials in order to obtain a loan to keep his company afloat, but that's not what greed is...

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Was there an "Interpol" Warrant out for his arrest ?

Yeah, that's the "Type of Person" the US allows to with a passport.

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well,well his arrested, prosecutors are confident. He probably should have opened a vetenary colleague.

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The authorities don't know what happened to the money and why was he in America?

Probably looking foe another loan.

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i'm sure after two weeks of interrogation he will confess and give all details. Wonder if he went to casinos in the USA?

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He was in America to escape prosecution. Being a criminal doesn't necessarily make someone intelligent. He was probably trying to hide the money for his own retirement nest egg unless he was paying off a debt to someone who doesn't have all of their fingers.

Having some experience with some small to mediums size companies in Japan, cooking the books seem to be standard procedure to stay afloat here. The plan is to expand enough to make yourself too big to fail. If you can't you have to cash out with whatever is left.

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Just claim you don't recall.

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I guess I don’t understand: had he taken money from the families of the 20-year-olds? If so, then he did ruin their coming-of-age day. But if he simply closed his shop, then his only crime is the bank fraud.

Related question: aren’t there other kimono rental shops?

Not saying this want bad, but “ruining a once-in-a-lifetime experience” seems a bit overstated...

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Obladi, not only did he take money from them the clients were never notified. To rent a kimono especially for special days like this you need to reserve week to months and sometimes a year in advance to have everything set up. These places usually have kimono reserved, they dress you and do your hair and makeup and these girls were left without any of this last minute. So yes he did ruin a once in a lifetime experience for these women. They only get to attend this ceremony once dressed in that specific style of kimono once. Scrambling to make different arrangements be it kimono rental or just a dress in general will cause extreme stress to the girls and their families on top of having lost a hefty amount of money that has yet to be refunded to them.

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