Man arrested over fatal assault on girlfriend's 3-year-old son


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Here we go again. Second one this week and it's Wednesday

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Words can’t express the terror and confusion this little boy must have felt at the hands of a 34 year old “man.”

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WTF is wrong with some people? Hope he gets life.

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Poor little fellow. May God care for you.

An educated guess.......

The mother was abroad, the poor child became very insecure with the step father. The boy misbehaved and step dad reacted violently.

Whatever the case, this is heartbreaking.

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Disgusting. He could have planned it for all we know. Getting rid of the one that wasn't his offspring.

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Having an affair or marrying someone for the 2nd time, it just like they put their child in danger.

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Very sorry to hear. He the boy deserved so much better.

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