Praised anime directors among victims of Kyoto arson attack


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"The police said they carefully considered the timing and ways of disclosing the identities of the victims, given their families need time to come to terms with their deaths and arrange their funerals."

Non-sense, it should be public right after family was informed.

Victims with no name are no victim.

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Kyoto Animation, however, has submitted a written request for police not to release the names, saying it received numerous requests from fans, who want the identities kept private.

Who cares what the fans want? How about what the families of the victims want?

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Non-sense, it should be public right after family was informed.

Sorry but the public has no right to invade privacy of persons unrelated to them. If I'm a victim of whatever, I don't want my name published.

Victims with no name are no victim.

Absolutely not. John and Jane Doe have the right to sue without being outed.

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Sorry, Jonathan Prin, that is absurd. The public has NO right to know, except in very exceptional circumstances. This is not one of those circumstances. There are grieving families, some of them with children, they should be allowed to grieve.

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So in some minds here, if a victim is official you can't grieve. Sick minds.

Knowing who they were allows to show the reality of the deed.

With history you can learn why I promote such stance (censors...)

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Jonathan Prin: What are you talking about? Absolutely nobody has said that "if a victim is official you can't grieve". You said "it should be public right after family was informed"; people disagreed with you on that specific point. It was you who said "Victims with no name are no victim."

What is being said is that people have no right to invade the privacy of a family grieving for a lost one; there is no imperative to know the names of the deceased as soon as possible; names will be released when the families are ready to cope with their grief more publicly. This is what is happening; this is all that the police said.

In any case, you do not need to know the name of someone who has been killed to grieve for them.

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