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Senior education ministry official arrested over bribery


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Education ministry....the blinder leading the blind, who are responsible for educating the future of Japan.

Things that make you go...Hmmmm!

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A Japanese high ranking politician involved in a cronyism scandal. Wow! How unusual, NOT!

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Ahh corruption...whos surprised?

11 ( +11 / -0 )

tip of the iceberg!

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Meanwhile a whole new generation with zero historical context to work with, forced into drudgery to make learning a painful chore, critical thinking..... forget about it. Those in charge of the mess? Orrupt cronies. Surprise surprise.

Youre killing your your own future if you don’t teach the kids HOW to think and express themselves. It’s sort of important.

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A senior official in Japan taking bribes? Oh, please say it isn't so.

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One senior student said, "It is unfair that someone can enter the university by using the influence of a parent."

That's basically how to have a successful career in Japanese politics.

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A problem such as this story tells is exactly why the ministry adopts inappropriate basic English textbooks that do not prepare students to have English speaking skills.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

another day another scandal.

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Ministers of expediency. Focus on everything but the pink elephant in the room . Strike up a conversation with a high school or uni student to check for yourself. Am actually at the point after 20 years advising them not to learn English until they learn how to come up with an intelligent question or thought themselves. If you cant , may wanna consider learning Chinese instead!  Yep, became that guy.

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All this corruption is why the education system is so inadequate.

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The case also comes as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is under pressure over cronyism allegations, with one involving the altering of state land documents by the Finance Ministry.

a correlation...

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I wonder where is the Japan fan club members when "scandals" like these pop up with their "rah rah rah" Japan is great and perfect cheering section praising this guy for his forethought to get his kid into medical school!

5 ( +5 / -0 )

gold Medals for selective attention mate!

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I wonder how many other incompetent Japanese doctors got into medical school because of who their parents are.

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Wow Ministry official busted for bribery? Who in the upper ranks did he piss off?

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Get ready for a shocking sentence like, "A suspended sentence and one month pay docked!"

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This constitutes bribery but not Abe's land giveaway and his wife's principalship? Yea right.

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Yuko MaedaToday 01:58 am JST

This constitutes bribery but not Abe's land giveaway and his wife's principalship? Yea right.

The Dear Leader says that neither he nor Mrs. Dear Leader had anything to do with it. That seems to be good enough for the average senile, gullible LDP supporter.

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