Suspect in Osaka clinic fire may have copied animation studio arson


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Well when the media here run shows with detailed graphics, analysis and expert comments from tarento for literally weeks or sometimes even months following major tragedies and country what do you expect?

Japan really needs to better take care of the mentally venerable in this country.

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I blame the media (again!) for their ultra detailed explanations of exactly how the suspect did it. With their usual scale models of the crime scene, breathless wall to wall coverage, excavations of every tiniest detail. Not because it’s in the public’s interest, but because bad news sells, and gets eyeballs on screens. Capitalism at its worst

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Every news story so far has reported there was no emergency exit. Today we hear that the perp attempted to tape it shut, but the director Mr Nishizawa removed the tape.

So there actually was one somewhere?

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Tanimoto remains in serious condition due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

OF COURSE he still lives……..this lowlife doesn’t deserve to go out the easy way.

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Terrifying. A can of gasoline will usually take down far more people than a gun

The above believed perhaps by some unaware of a gun's killing power. Unless they might be referring to the aerial fire bombings inflicted on Japanese civilians during the Pacific War.

Las Vegas Shooting: 59 Killed and More Than 500 Hurt Near Mandalay Bay

Japan really needs to better take care of the mentally venerable in this country.

Though I agree with the above, I wonder what that 'care' might include and how it might be financed and managed. Far rightists need to recall that in the name of 'freedom' their heroes Reagan and Thatcher led programs that released hundreds of thousands of intellectually/emotionally vulnerable and unstable individuals who'd been cared for in mental facilities back on the streets, where many committed crimes and made life more difficult for others.

Many far rightists claimed social service organizations could and should handle those with mental/emotional problems but that government should not.

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Bad news.

They might have to execute this guy.

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People need (gasoline) for many reasons.

yeah. driving cars and lighting fires.

we need more gasoline control. especially the type sold in gerry cans.

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It would be nice to live in a world where fire regulations did not have to account for murderers lighting gasoline fires. However, it has happened twice now, which suggests we now need to regard it as an actual possibility. Given how fast a building supposed to be airtight for climate control will fill with toxic smoke from a gasoline fire, there is probably only so much that can be done.

However shocking this crime was, I agree that wall-to-wall coverage of it simply elevates the perp to a twisted form of fame and encourages others to copy him. He deserves punishment, not attention.

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Why didn't the water sprinklers go off in the building? Wouldn't that have at least helped control the fire long enough for people to try to escape?

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here, another freebie. Sprinklers shminklers, sources reported govt throws 25 trillion ¥ party for the GOTO grift and games. What's 24 innocents to 25 trillion ¥ ? If they stop pretending and funnel some of their dosh back to the 61 yr old men livin on a thought / prayer out of work and out of options and fs to give, well maybe you save a few ppl along the way from copycat postal terrorism. Or split some of that GOTO siphon with the psychology testing screening service for angry toxic young men. Or forget it. You love the trauma, so just keep on votin for these old men… Ho ho Anshin anzen- you live by the sword …

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he has copied himself into the "chains of darkness."

believe it or not

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Simian Lane

Terrifying. A can of gasoline will usually take down far more people than a gun or knife ever could. They may change the law after this.

I am not sure which law change would prevent homicidal nuts like this. However, if you mean building standards should be revised and enforced, I agree.

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Banning gasoline in jerry cans ain't gonna do a thing. Any determined nut job could just go to a gas station with their car, fill it up and siphon it out later. Better mental health services are a good start, but some will always slip through the cracks. Better fire safety standards in buildings are a must. No excuses for not fixing this. Many building in Japan are a disaster waiting to happen, either by accident or at the hands of someone wanting to do harm.

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Another smart reply which is meaning less.


Today 10:41 am JST

People need (gasoline) for many reasons.

yeah. driving cars and lighting fires.

we need more gasoline control. especially the type sold in gerry cans.

Ok, than come with a system that controls the purchase of gasoline. As some mentioned, it is used in daily live and except asking for ID what else is possible.

There are a lot of other light flammable liquids which can be used. Even taking gasoline from a car is possible. So I'm waiting for your smart idea.

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Well. Something amiss. 61 year old, with forethought, decides it is a good idea to light a mental healthcare clinic on fire. Then actually sets his hand to the task. Intentionally, killing 24 individuals.

The problem is not gasoline. The problem is not the media.

Improving building codes, requiring sprinklers, two exits. More than a 'good idea'. It is the 21st century. Japan is a so-called advanced nation, member of the G-7. Step it up.

Improve mental healthcare. One of many requirements for a civilized country. Ensure that all citizens have an adequate means to not just 'survive' but live a meaningful life. Not an easy task, but possible.

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Just applying the standard, pointless arguments people make about guns. gasoline can also be used to kill people, and in this case proved much more deadly than a recent shooting attack. people don't blame gasoline though. in this case its mental health, building standards and lack of sprinklers.

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Comparing guns and gas is a red herring. Gasoline is a fuel that is used for dozens of harmless, day-to-day tasks which can, in the wrong hands, be used to kill people.

A gun has no other purpose or use outside of killing. It is a tool that exists for a singular purpose; ending life.

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Gasoline is a fuel that is used for dozens of harmless, day-to-day tasks

How much gasoline, excluding in your car's fuel tank, do you have in your house right now, and what do you do with it day to day? Bathe in it? Drink it? Clean with it? No. Gasoline only has one use, really. Put it in an engine, mix it with air, apply a spark, and it makes things go.

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right, but those are all applications for the single use of gasoline - as a fuel. Besides, none of those four applications (you said dozens) are every day, either. guns kill things sure, but there are also different applications. Hunting, pest control, euthanising lame horses, culling a herd, protecting against wild animals... . Also, uses that don't necessarily involve killing, like defence of home and property, law enforcement, security, military, due to their value as deterrents. They are also a good tool for teaching kids about responsibility and discipline, and can be used in sports and hobbies.

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He attempted to murder his whole family about 10 years ago and spent four years in prison. Despite serious stab wounds, his oldest son managed to push his father outside.

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On the news last night they were suggesting that he may have herded people into the back room.

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