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Manila considers deporting all 4 robbery suspects to Japan at once


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a pending case against Kiyoto Imamura, 38, was dropped at a local court on Jan 25.

Intervention to court system? Previously I just don't trust Philipines jail system, now this lead me no to trust entire judicial system.

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just leave them there. the less criminals here the better

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They should be tried and sentenced in both countries. The first sentence should be done in the Philippines because Japan tends to protect their citizens from extradition and give softball sentences.

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It’s still not CO2 neutral but surely better than separate transportation. In that climate change considering future they would have to swim alone, of course surveilled by accompanying clean energy charged battery drones.

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They are doomed for the rest of their lives due to their evil ways. Karma.

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Thank You PI.

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Prepare the ropes.

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Among the four suspects, Yuki Watanabe, who is believed to be a key figure in the group and may go by the name "Luffy," has been charged with violating the Philippine law on violence against women and children.

The robber wants to be king of the pirates, looking for that one piece to get him there, recruiting through the power of friendship, using the Philippines' rubber plantations and abundant varieties of fruits

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Who pays for their airfare, and escort if needed? Will Japan send Marshall’s? Or will Philippines provide them and get reimbursed? Just wondering how countries resolve these legal financial matters.

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Thats interesting because no one here trusts the Japanese judicial system either.

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38-year-old Watanabe was allegedly one of the leaders of the fraud group, which stole some 3.5 billion yen ($27 million) in around 2,300 cases between November 2018 and June 2020, police said.

Poor elderly victims, that is probably all their savings ($27 million) they were scammed out of. I hope they get a long sentence upon their return to Japan. Philippine news was saying they ran the scam from inside the prison in Manila on cell phones.

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One thing is certain: when the 4 suspects arrive at Narita International Airport, there will be a media frenzy!

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The problem is even if they come back to Japan and get convicted, they will get maybe ten years in jail. After that they will be released and still have all that money in a bank account somewhere. They should get a lengthy sentence and a huge fine, say 27 million dollars.

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Japanese law is completely inadequate, and only makes such requests when Japanese nationals are victims. In the Philippines, they will at least get a fair trail, and all due process of law will be correctly followed. If found guilty, I hope that a judge in Manila gives them a tough sentence.

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