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Alleged 'Luffy' ringleader of robberies is man already detained in Manila


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So you love fax machines?

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Good Job, Now bring them home to face the music.

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That was much quicker than expected. Good job.

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Make them wait it out. They would praying that Japan government get them out of there. Going back to Japan is upgrade In conditions.

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Rodney. Someone give you a thumb down on very accurate comment on the subject. So have you thumbs up just two even it out. The downer must not know about the Fax and Japan

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That Telegram App encryption is not very good if the Police can crack into it that quick. But then again, Japan has some very good signals intel apps to spy with across the frequency bands.

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These criminals just don't seem to understand that their type usually gets caught.

But it's quite possible they're often naive young guys recruited to do the dirty work. By the time they realise the reality of possibility of capture they're too deep in and can't escape thier overlords. Poor fellow. May God have mercy on them.

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I had wrote previously here that If you follow the first criminal they caught phone records the trail it would lead the J-Cops to the others. Good they caught the vermons, so the Philippines is where the Yaks or Japanese criminal run to hide from their crimes they commit in Japan.

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quote: Kishida-san should just shut that app down in Japan.

Bringing it more into line with China and Iran?

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Luffy? Dude needs a better name.

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Luffy? Dude needs a better name.

I'm guessing it's a One Piece reference.

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