Police say Vietnamese suspect shoplifted ¥28 mil in goods at drugstores


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Just the beginning as these cases will increase drastically soon. Wait until after the Olympics...

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Give her a warning and release.

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On several occasions i have stopped Japanese high school girls from concealing make up cosmetics, and lip gloss in a drugstore near my apartment.

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if she got away with it, the store would have to sell ¥280 millions to generate enough profit to recover the lost. But, I'd imagine, Japan, like all other developed nations will give her a slap on the wrist and send her off. Lucky she didn't do it in Saudi Arabia, she'd have lost a limb.

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Is something is wrong with this claim, averaging 173,000 yen at each store?

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Is something is wrong with this claim

I would assume she and her accomplices returned to the same store multiple times.

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What happened to my comment?

Moderator: Nothing.

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