Wanted Chinese man arrested after re-entering Japan to buy face masks


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Not the sharpest tool in the box.

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+5 points for gumption.

-10,000 for risk-assessment.

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Did he try to use a different passport but got caught by fingerprints?

Either way that's really really dumb.

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Not the sharpest tool in the box.

...but he sure is the thickest.

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And the 2020 Darwin Award goes to ....

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This young guy needs to give up on his dream of becoming a crime boss.

Just read another story about a Chinese guy who packed his suitcase full of labeled packages of dead birds for pet food and flew to Dulles in D.C. two weeks ago.

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There's a booming multimillion dollar business with Japanese hygiene products in China. People buy them by the truckload and import them spread among multiple participants flying back.

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Clearly, he was misinforrmed - masks for sale in Japan?

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He didn’t die. Darwin Award is for someone who dies in a stupid way. Not someone who does stupid things and survives.

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There are some things the Chinese just love to buy from Japan due to perceived quality, hence their large numbers of tourists to Japan simply to buy Japanese products. Face masks is one of them.

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There's a booming multimillion dollar business with Japanese hygiene products in China. People buy them by the truckload and import them spread among multiple participants flying back.

I just read a news piece on another website about a Chinese woman living in Kyoto who managed to buy 5 cartons of top grade Japan made face masks and resell them online to China. It says she makes ¥20,000,000 in half a month. Unfortunately just like others she makes the mistake of bragging about it online and is now copping backlasgs from both Chinese and Japanese netizens.

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Folks, you all are assuming he KNEW he was wanted for fraud, I would bet he DIDNT know....until he returned that is, just sayin!

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They create this problem and also trying to benefit from this. US is also having problem with high end N95 masks Large city papers are saying residents are buying up all the high end masks

probably same sort of people are buying and reselling in China also

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"Zhang allegedly withdrew around 1.4 million yen from an ATM with a cash card on Feb 20 last year that was stolen from a woman in her 80s in Osaka."

That is a lot worse than buying masks. And people ask why Japanese don't like.......

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Several weeks ago just as the corona virus news was breaking, I stopped by a local drug store to purchase a few masks as a precaution for my upcoming trip to Japan in March. By that time there wasn't a mask to be had in Victoria, Canada!!!

A clerk confided they'd been cleaned out by Chinese who were taking them back to China or selling/shipping them.

At this stage, many drug stores post signs reading: No face masks, No Tylenol 1 and No Hand Sanitizer. Fortunately, none of those interventions are the best defense against the virus especially if not used properly--though the Tylenol might bring down a fever enough get you through airport screening.

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If Japan become a incubator for the Wuhan Flu, Japanese will be treated like Chinese, they are making Chinese that visit, China self quarantine

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Viruses are tiny and not blocked by those cheap masks. N95 masks are needed but only useful for someone trained to ensure they use them correctly and don't contaminate themselves.

For the vast majority of people, flu is more dangerous than the Wuhan virus. If you are really old or really young or have a compromised immune system, precautions need to be taken, but for healthy people 5-65, if you get it, the expectation is you'll have flu-like symptoms for about 5 days. Not fun, but just an inconvenience in the grand list of human problems. Say away from great-great-great-grandma if you might have been exposed. That applies to flu exposure too.

The fact is, a Chinese visitor visiting the United States at this time is 10,000 times more likely to die from influenza than an American visiting China is of dying from coronavirus. In any case, wearing masks affords little protection against coronavirus since the virus is small enough to penetrate the microfibers of most masks. This strain of coronavirus appears to be far less contagious than influenza.


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