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Wife, 4 others held over murder of Japanese man in Philippines


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Likely case of domestic abuse against the woman.

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Yeah, the problem is money matters.

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Burakumin - more likely against the man?! It was, after all, him who get murdered?

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Desperate and lonely J bussinessmen dreamed about younger Filipino spouses. Very few of them lived happily after. Most of them ended up in butcher shops. The relationship based on economic concern will be poisonous anyway. It is a lesson for J bussinessmen thinking about settling in third world without local knowledge.

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Many, many foreign males are killed in the Philippines.

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I guess he found out that there is a difference between a "buy me drink" woman from the PI here in Japan, than going back there and actually living with one in her home country. RIP.

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Foreigners will start leaving the Philippines if they don't do something about the high level of crime specifically targeting foreigners. There are hundreds of thousands of Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and other nationalities residing in that country. If they leave, it will be a huge hit to the Philippine economy.

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The husband decided to permanently relocate to Dasmarinas in September last year, they said.

They were together since 1990. The wife couldn't get over her husband walking out on her so she killed had him killed.

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2004, masashi matsuura's case, still not solved, even though the cops know who the mastermind is, the brains behind it is still living a lavish lifestyle, already with her 7th 'husband'

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Well. There is a serious problem. We needs to know what thinks the woman. Mr. kimuzukashiiiii :Of course not. Only be a good man. Do not violent with the woman and surely you can be happy living with a lovely foreign woman. Those womans are lovely but not our slaves.

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More likely she came here (Japan) married him wanted his money and Japanese citizenship. He wanted a less stressed life in Philipines...she lost it at him....wanted his money....got him killed....failed. Case closed.

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Do not violent with the woman and surely you can be happy living with a lovely foreign woman. Those womans are lovely but not our slaves.

It is another Victim bashing theory. Plural of woman should be women. Not Womans. Many J businessmen settled in Philippines without Tagalog skills or local knowledge. They are middle aged men. They are totally dependent on their spouses. Not all of them are saints or drunken abuser of wives. I do not think that younger women really adore them. Their main concern of relationship is escaping from poverty. The earlier their husband die, the sooner they will hit the jackpot.

Beside that not only that gentleman has been murdered in Phillipines. There are many cases existed before. Local businessmen have to hire the bodyguards for the safety of their children and spouses too. African may be poorer than Philippines however it is safer than Philippines.

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His wife Merlinda Soria, 46, confessed she and an adult son by another man had plotted the killing, the statement said.

Since they have been together since 1990, but only married 7 years ago, I would venture to say that she probably had the adult child while she was still dating him. I have seen so many cases of women from the PI, claiming that they were not seeing their "baby daddy" yet these guys were all along in the deceit with the woman. I would like to know if the guy who assisted with the son was somehow related to him on his father's side. Many times, when men find out from their PI wives the "real story" some just decide to quit and cut off the relationship. It would have been a major loss of income for her. So what better way to kill him off and get insurance money.

The PI is worse than the old "wild west" sometimes.

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RIP old guy.

While I don't think that all SEA women are gold-diggers looking for a "sugar daddy", many are. How these old guys can actually think that these women are marrying them out of love is beyond me. But then again, I guess loneliness and a hot young thing on your arm causes common sense to go out the window. to be fair, it isn't just a SEA issue. Plenty of older, fat white guys marry much younger women all over the world. Most just wait until hubby dies though instead of killing him.

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Most of these guys in the Phillipines are screwups of one kind or another. Seems like his wife was too. She got caught.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Killings happened anywhere in this world. Even most of posters homeland have and who knows, maybe more percentage than the Philippines. In Japan alone, JT news reports killings almost daily. USA got lots of killings too but seldom reported in foreign newspapers. The latest was school children in one state. Crimes happened everywhere. Goldiggers and women looking for sugar daddy are scattered all over even in Japan, USA , Europe and wherever. It's natural for women to look for financial security when getting married. Why the Japanese got killed, we don't know for sure due to incomplete reports by JT. Most decent Japanese don't marry foreigners due to their old culture although with some exemptions like some of the posters here with eiju from their husband. Screw ups etc..etc... you see them anywhere in this planet hehehehe. Even here at JT, you can read psotings by screw ups.

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2004 still at large, now with new 'victim' http://bit.ly/VDd8cS

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The Dasmarinas town referred to is basically known for the slum relocation site under the ex Pres Marcos. The roads are well paved and better than the other relocation site in Bulacan yet, not surprisingly, all sorts of hoodlums are present. The laid back life from the provinces and remote towns perhaps attract the foreign husband without considering the fact that doing so would isolate him enough to plan killings like this. Though there are killings in the metro manila area, but high profile ones usually happen outside the metro areas. All Filipinas like me who married a Jman out of need, aren't out to kill our hubbies and live off lavishly on insurance money. As the other poster says, wife or husband killings do happen everywhere. Here in Japan, that thing happens too. And Ican't simply understand why one has to kill the other half when she or he is educated, good-looking, with well-paying job and quite lovable. A case of eating one's cake and taking one from someone else. Just read the crime library and you would be amazed.

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The Philippines is still ranked as one if not the most corrupt countries in South East Asian. Unfortunately, these kind of killings are reasonably regular in the Philippines. We only really hear about them when Japanese nationals are involved.

However very year, a lot of lonely men from many countries meet their end in the Philippines due to having relationships with the "wrong woman". They are usually killed for financial gain with the woman claiming domestic violence as a defence if they are ever caught. A lot of them are never charged due to corruption.

This said, as sad as these events are, one needs to put these kinds of incidents into perspective. For every one of these there are 1000's of relations where both parties genuinely are genuinely happy.

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Brilliant, the woman and her adult son deserve the,"put them away till they are bones" award.

Happens more times than we will ever know.

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As the other poster says, wife or husband killings do happen everywhere.

Wife or husband killings are very rare in S E Asian nations. Most of the S E Asian nations are law abiding and crime rates are very low. For example, Singapore is pretty safe and orderly. It is one of the most decent and orderly nation of the world.

In the reality, some women in Philippines have motive for killing successive husbands. They are still free as birds due to the corruption of officials. Some women have 7th husband with lavish life style. Their old husbands have been butchered. http://www.philstar.com/metro/261797/japanese-businessman-killed-front-kids

Philippines has one of the highest kidnapping rate. Most of the naive foreigners are also victims of fraudulent activities from locals.

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Things like this give my country a bad name. Ugh, disgusting.

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@Flyfalcon, thanks for having a very positive view of SEA people. But then SEA can't be equated to Singapore alone. High profile ones get media attention while the lesser ones gets to be mentioned in flash news on TV if ever. And crime rates isn't very low. Have you ever read some of the Philippine tabloids? You would change your opinion if ever. But thanks anyway for lifting our low esteem because of news like this.

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A lot of people here seem to think it was a "May/December relationship". I haven't seen anything that lists the age of the victim.

Since they have been together since 1990, but only married 7 years ago, I would venture to say that she probably had the adult child while she was still dating him.

The victim first met her when she was 23 or 24, but there's no indication in the article that they've been together since then. Plus, you're leaving a very narrow window for the "adult child" (I chuckled at that) to have been conceived while dating him, seeing as it's only been 22 years since the victim first met her.

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stupid woman brainless, she can kick out the hubby or leave him , now she put her life in prison and she damage the name of the country cuz of her greedy evilness.

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