Winny software developer acquitted


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Winny Won ! May lose in Supreme Court though.

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The reversal runs counter to recent rulings elsewhere.


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next in to do list form new Party, Japan Pirate Party (JPP).

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...The software developer intention is not wrong... the users should be cautious of anything he/she would like to share. anyway, it is not that private anymore since they can trace those who share anyway. HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR first before REMOTE_ADDR.

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I believe the court is right to overturn the verdict. Will you sue Microsoft if someone plagiarized someone else's work using MS Word?

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Will you sue Microsoft if someone plagiarized someone else's work using MS Word

In this sick depraved world? That's almost guaranteed someone has attempted that stunt.

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CONGRATS! This is an important victory for software developers. In the end, it is the user that is responsible for his or her actions.

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And why would he not? Accusing him in the first place is like accusing the inventor of the knife because some idiot stabbed someone with a knife!

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I applaud the decision, although I might point out that Japan, like other nations, are still trying to seek the people and ways to further seek out people who infringe on copywright on an individual basis (ie. via torrents).

n3312: "Will you sue Microsoft if someone plagiarized someone else's work using MS Word?"

Dude... come on. What was Winny created for? Word processing? That's what MS Word was created for, as an advanced alternative to a typewriter. People are misusing Winny if they swap files and violate copywright, they're using Winny for the purpose it was made. I'm not saying Winny is violating copywright at all, and I think the law-suit is yet another futile attempt by production companies to avoid being seen as the useless 'middle-men' that they are, but I AM saying the comparison you make is a little lame.

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