3rd man arrested after woman's severed head found in Hokkaido


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Wow! That’s the second head found in the lad couple of days.

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@ Disillusioned....yeah that is the first thing that went through my head also ... before I even finished the article's title.

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Copy cats in the sickest way imaginable.

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Copy cats in the sickest way imaginable.

Copy cats? It's a sick, gruesome crime but to be a copy cat crime this would have to have happened after the last reported one which happened in February... Or if the American copied these two guys he would have to have known a head was found but that has just been reported... It doesn't seem to be a copy cat crime in any way at all.

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I wouldn't call it a copycat, since this happened much earlier than the case in Osaka. I had earlier written about how we keep hearing about how safe Japan is, but there is a lot of crime. It seems the powers that be here at Gplus, didn't like it and erased it from the boards. But it is true, people just think there is no crime, unless it happens to them!

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There’s very little crime here, but the violent crime there is, is done by quite a few psychopaths.

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"the severed head of a 19-year-old woman"

Hey nineteen

hard times have befallen her, wicked mon, wicked..

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She was 19 years old and frequenting a bar in the red light district with a 31 year old boyfriend? Isn’t the drinking age 20?

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Reminds me of that young girl (around 19 years old) who went missing in Shimane Prefecture one night. A few weeks later they began finding pieces of her scattered around the mountains of Hiroshima. They never did catch the killers for that poor girl's death, so the police had better check the timelines of these men.


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That crime was solved. The killer died with his mother in a car crash a few days after the crime.

For a country so relatively peaceful when there are violent crimes they are usually EXTREMELY violent... and as for decapitating the poor girl's corpse... sick and twisted are two words that spring readily to mind.

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Thank you. Still, a rather strange case considering the murder of Miyako Hiraoka occurred in 2009 and the police were still seeking tips from the public in late 2016 (according to JT archives). The fatal car accident of the murderer (Yano) and his personal photos of the victim which were found took years to surface. Anyway, it's strange how it was handled.

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Moderator and stormcrow, I watched that one for years with keen interest, but completely missed the crash news. I am so glad the guy was taken out! What a relief. Thank you.

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Violence against women is still a major social problem.

But still the safest nation on earth. Fact.

Rest in Peace to the victim.

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But still the safest nation on earth. Fact.

Sadly not true. That would be Finland, according to the World Economic Forum.

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