Woman’s body found in minivan in Kanagawa parking lot


The body of 45-year-old Chinese woman was found on Saturday afternoon in a minivan in a coin-operated parking lot in Manazuru, Kanagawa Prefecture, police said Sunday.

According to police, the body was found at around 3:20 p.m. Saturday. The woman was identified as Li Xiao Min, a resident of Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture, who worked in the tourism industry. Police said Li had several knife wounds in her back. The van was locked and her fully-clothed body, which was partially decomposed, was on the floor of the back seat.

Police said that Li’s son had reported her missing on June 30. He said she had told him she was going out to meet a male friend.

The van in which her body was found belongs to an acquaintance. It had been in the parking lot since Friday.

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Given the number of cameras this should be easy for even the Japanese police to solve.

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Chip star, You havent been to Manazuru, have you ???? Its a small coastal town west of Odawara and about as worn down as they get.

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The poor woman - attacked, and left to die in a locked van. The people most likely to hurt you are the people you know and trust.

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The TV news this morning said she told her son she was going out to meet a man and that he might kill her. Which makes one wonder why she thought that and why she felt compelled to go anyway.

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As for CCTV footage, I would of thought that the images have now been erased by new pictures, either way not pleasant for the woman.

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Now the news is saying that in addition to doing your guiding, she was also involved in real estate work and there was some trouble related to that.

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The van belongs to a friend of hers, that's where the police should be looking

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