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Woman’s body found on factory grounds; colleague arrested


Police in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, on Wednesday arrested a 34-year-old man on suspicion of killing a 30-year-old woman with whom he worked.

According to police, the body of Yoshiko Moriyasu was found on the grounds of a cardboard manufacturing plant at around 2 p.m. Tuesday, Fuji TV reported. Moriyasu was a driver for a delivery company and was last seen shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday when she went out alone to make a delivery to the cardboard manufacturer.

When she didn’t return, her company contacted police who traced her route. Her body was found on an isolated part of the cardboard maker’s premises.

Police said the suspect, Takashi Nishihara, lives in Matsuyama and works at the same company as the victim. They often made deliveries together. Police said he has admitted to killing Moriyasu by strangling her with a stocking.

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Strangling with stocking and deliveries together logically would amount to them being secret lovers.

Stockings would imply something was going prior to the strangling ( typically men dont have stockings with them ) ... probably she had something she wanted and he wanted it to stay secret ...

Interesting if i am right once further details emerge

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This is a tragedy. May she rise in peace.

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What was his motive? She was just a random innocent person, I assume. Was he just like "I'm in the mood for strangling someone!" This is so sad.

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What's with all the strangulations recently?

Nasty way to off someone.

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What a tragedy, may her soul rest in peace, what can be his motive for killing her colleague?

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If I can't have you nobody can

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