Woman arrested after stabbing mother’s hand with scissors


Police in Hakodate, Hokkaido, said Sunday they have arrested a 27-year-old unemployed woman on suspicion of assault after she stabbed her 56-year-old mother in the hand with a pair of scissors.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Hokkaido Broadcasting Corp reported. Police said they received a call from a relative who visited the house, saying that a woman had been stabbed by her daughter.

The woman suffered a 1.5-cm cut to her right hand, requiring two stitches.

Police said the daughter, who was intoxicated at the time of her arrest, has admitted to attacking her mother with the scissors but gave no motive.

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Looking at the headline I assumed that it was a random woman but it’s the ‘daughter

Completely thrown for a moment there…

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Just another of daily family life in Japan.

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The mother really needs to cut ties with her daughter.

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All guilt putting on her is a bit too easy. We all as society have failed to supply her with a job , that’s the problem. Then she had an income, maybe even could have moved into an own apartment, could have used scissors fur a peaceful purpose at work, wouldn’t be that often intoxicated and had not so much time left after a hard working day to get into disputes with her mother all day long.

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While never one to condone violence to sort out disputes - is this another pickup headliner that amounts to nothing?

A 2 stitch cut must be superficial in the least and slight in the most.

And an arrest was made.

Perhaps domestic violence is being taken seriously now - lol.

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Thing is, we all need to be a bit more compassionate with each other. The daughter is unemployed and that causes a lot of stress, anxiety, and self doubt. The daughter needs help by her family and friends. It's easy to say she is wrong and should be in jail or whatever, however I have noticed in my life that people would rather put you down than to help you up. People would rather scorn you rather than say good things about you. This daughter needs help, not bashing. I know what she did was wrong. However she is in a dark place at the moment and requires help, not hate.

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A 1.5 cm cut from a family dispute involving the police? Must be more to the story, as these incidents happen all the time.

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27 still living with mama? Time to kick the bird out of the nest

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maybe stop drinking in the morning and work?

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This kind of incident is very prevalent in Japan.Spoon feeding till old age is a problem.A 27 year old should not be living at her parents.I had a Japanese friend who was in her 30's living with her parents,I challengenged her to move and get her own apartment,she moved but after just 6 months she ran back to her parents.When I asked her why,she told me" 一人暮らしはきつい。"Living alone is difficult". I'm a gaijin in Japan and have been living alone evdr since I came here as a student,I pay everything without relying on anyone or hoping from anyone,yet when we go out,she expects me to treat her out. Japanese are simply spoilt.

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The motive Is written in the article : she was intoxicated. Alcohol is a very good magic drink as it brings out true face of people.

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Flight Deck

That it made the national news tells me that this sort of thing is actually quite rare.

Japan Today is hardly "the national news". (No disrespect intended to JT)

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Kick her out, soon

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" I was Drunk" .

Judge: "Oh, o.k. Case dismissed"....unless (unless you're a foreigner).

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Another family day in Japan. Has one single day this year passed without a murder or violent assault against other family members in the news?

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Some mothers are repetitive in their advice, “Why don’t you find a job, get married, and have children!” No friendly conversation. The mother is passing along all her learned prejudices.

It can become horrific one-way pressure for a daughter, the criticism felt so keenly on top of her own guilt. So sad.

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The woman suffered a 1.5-cm cut to her right hand, requiring two stitches.

Not very nice but hardly newsworthy.

That's a scratch at best.

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@Flight Deck Perhaps sakurasuki post is a result of reading this kind of behavior very often recently, I agree it happens in other countries and Japan just so happen to be one of those other countries!

sakurasuki Today  07:03 am JST

Just another of daily family life in Japan.

That it made the national news tells me that this sort of thing is actually quite rare.

I bet in other countries, this type of incident either makes only the local news, or doesn't make the news at all -- due to how ho-hum common it is.

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