Woman arrested for assaulting teenage son by throwing hair iron at him


Police in Hakodate, Hokkaido, have arrested a woman on suspicion of assaulting her teenage son by throwing a hair iron at him.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 8:40 p.m. on Wednesday, Hokkaido Broadcasting Corp reported. Police said the woman threw the hair iron at the boy, hitting him in the side of the head. The boy suffered a gash to his head. Shortly after the incident, the boy called 110.

Police said the woman, who lives alone with her son, has admitted assaulting the boy on more than one occasion, and quoted her as saying she did so because he was rebellious and often disobeyed her.

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When this case arrives in court, the full extent of the previous injuries which she has inflicted will be recorded, and then it's up to the deciding judge to assess whether she may be another potential killer of a family member, of which there are seemingly at least a few every week in Japan.

Her sentence must be intensive and unremitting education to make her understand that violence is NEVER the answer - by talking and persuasion, she must learn that as a civilised and responsible member of society, it is her duty to raise her son in a safe and peaceful environment, it's the very least that children expect from the adults. Otherwise there is the prospect of an interminable cycle of violence and harm self-perpetuating in the next generation.

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Put the boy in the army to learn discipline and respect for his elders. It’s not easy being a solo parent.

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A teenager, especially a boy, being rebellious against his mom? Imagine that. My mother threw an iron at me once and also records, shoes, and whatever was within her reach. Destroyed the iron and broke what would now be a collector's edition, in mint condition. I turned out OK but I also never got injured badly and I was being a little bleep, so I can see her ire. I'm not trying to condone this woman's actions but an arrest for a prolonged period of time would be a bit much. Some tough love is usually necessary and most parents I see let their kids walk all over them and speak to them in any kind of manner. Looks like she isn't in that category. Discipline has gone out of style but maybe this boy needs some.

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Maybe the boy should go live with his father and see how long he puts up with his cr@p.

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Mocheake said it for me. I know exactly how mad that mother was.

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He knows his mother mistakes, but he doesn't know where his mother anger came from?

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im foreign and I ain’t mine of them things, thank you very much

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