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Woman arrested for attempted murder after stabbing husband with ice pick


Police in Takasago, Hyogo Prefecture, have arrested a 59-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she stabbed her husband with an ice pick.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night. Sankei Shimbun reported that the woman stabbed her 61-year-old husband in the chest as he slept and then went to a police station and turned herself in.

The man was in a stable condition on Monday, police said.

Police said the woman has admitted to the crime and quoted her as saying, “Our marriage was on the rocks.”

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"Our marriage was on the rocks" That's a great joke she made there. I wonder if she realizes.

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Well I think we all know who will now get the better divorce settlement deal!

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Was she trying to pick a fight?

Suffice to say that will herself be chilling in the cooler, on ice, so to speak. Hope the husband recovers quickly and moves on from this psycho wench.

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Does she suffer from Mad Cow?

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I guess when she thought about her marriage on the rocks, she had just used the ice pick to break up some ice for her high ball on the rocks.

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Glad he's okay. I hope he doesn't "forgive" her and stay together so she can finish the job

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I love you honey, so; I'm going to STAB's for LOVE.

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just like Trotsky

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I can see it happening. The relationship turns frigid. They used to have a fluid interchange and then things start to solidify. Each one starts picking away at the other. And then things get stabby.

Still. An ice-pick. That's cold.

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If hubby didn't know the marriage was on the rocks, he does now.

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“Our marriage was on the rocks.” Is this serious ?!

I get it now- "on the rocks" uses "ice pick". I guess it is better than saying he was on thin ice.

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Sleeping with Tiger may be safer for that mSn.

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But, before you go blaming the woman you have to consider what kind of husband was. He is in the 'oyaji' generation and was most likely a real pig towards her. I know many couples in this generation who never speak to each other, sleep in separate ends of the house and never go anywhere together. If you watch senior couples on the train they often will not communicate with each other and many sit in opposite sides of the carriage. This case is also in the generation of arranged marriages, which may also be a possibility as to why their marriage went down the spout. But, this is Japan! Your priority is to work for, not to have a life. I guess this is why so many people just snap.

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"Our marriage was on the rocks" (Read: he retires next year and there is no reason to keep the POS around any longer)

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I feel so safe walking the streets of Japan 24 hours a day, but always carry my anti bear spray when visiting relatives.

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“Our marriage was on the rocks.”

Is this serious ?!

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Police said the woman has admitted to the crime and quoted her as saying, “Our marriage was on the rocks.”

Yeah, I'll say!

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So, go and stab someone?

What strange logic......

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