Woman arrested for attempted murder over cash card embezzlement


A 54-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and theft after she misused the cash card of an acquaintance who was in hospital.

According to police, Hiromi Kato, a part-time worker, took a cash card from a 69-year-old friend when she became ill and was hospitalized in February 2014, Sankei Shimbun reported. On at least 120 occasions until last November, Kato withdrew a total of 57 million yen from her acquaintance's bank account without her consent and used the money to renovate her own house, buy a car and go on trips.

The woman was released from hospital last November. Police said that when she requested her cash card back last December, Kato tried to kill her by choking her with an electric cord and slashing her with a knife at her home, in order to avoid detection of her crime.

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Wow, get sick and find out who your real friends are...(not!)

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What a disgusting woman. LITERALLY, with "friends" like her, who needs enemies?

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"On at least 120 occasions until last November, Kato withdrew a total of 57 million yen from her acquaintance’s bank account "

Wow, go big or go home

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Dang Mirai! You beat me to it! I was thinking just the same thing, FRIENDS?? No need for so called FRIENDS like this crazy, psycho woman, do hope she gets the DEATH PENALTY!!!

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well, I guess the old friend now has a nice house and car to use while Hiromi is rotting in prison.

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I wonder why the 69-year-old woman got acquainted with such a bad woman of all others. Real friendship does not freeze in winter, as they say.

And I just wonder how badly she was injured. Is she on the mend after the incident? In any case, I hope she'll get back on her feet soon.

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Easy , sell the renovated house and get back the poor women money or at least part of it ....

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roughly thats £285,000 wow!, thats a lot of cash to withdraw from an account. no wonder she can go on holliday and buy a new car. yep thats jail time for her i am afraid

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wait, how the hell didn't she kill her, strangling with electric cord, stabbing in back, plus she just got of hospital is and is old...this is a tough old lady

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Has come the bank didn't notice all this money was being spent and didn't pit a freeze to the account?

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So, let me get this straight - the woman ''took'' the card, but, apparently, the other woman knew and even after being released, waited a month or so to request it back. ''Hey, I know you took my cash card for some reason a few months ago. Have you finished with it? Can I have it back? Did you leave any cash for me?'' Weird story.

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