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Woman held for trying to strangle 6-month-old son to death


Police in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, have arrested a 37-year-old woman on a charge of attempted murder after she tried to strangle her 6-month-old son to death.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Aya Shoji, strangled her son Yuma on Friday morning. TBS reported that Shoji's 38-year-old husband found the child in a state of cardiac arrest and called 119. The child was rushed to the hospital where he is in a stable condition.

Shoji, who was arrested at her home, was quoted by police as saying she had become worn out from raising her child.

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Worn out? From one baby? My wife raised four kids by herself and never felt the need to kill them.

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Post mortem depression is a serious problem.

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Another mother killing her child (fortunately failed in this case). I understand there's a lack of support, and I definitely know you can get worn out, but you do not kill the infant/child because you are having a hard time dealing. You find a way, or you give up the child -- you do not take a life. Now, PLEASE don't let this woman out because 'a baby needs its mother' as has been done before with mothers who kill/attempt to kill. Lock her up, in a psychiatric ward at least, and do not allow her near the baby again. Thank goodness the father came to the rescue and the child is okay.

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After only six months? Give me a break. And, yes, I am a mother.

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We had a severely handicapped daughter now 30 years old and her mother chow the food to her and feed her mouth to mouth and she never worn out ...

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Post mortem?

4 ( +6 / -2 )

something is terribly wrong when a mother stretch her hand for killing of her own child , The Mother Child relation is the most sacred and loving relation in the universe. what is happening is just beyond understanding. this is good news that the baby is safe and hope that he will be in the safe hands for the rest of his life.

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Go you good thing. Warrior child of goodness surviving the forces of darkness. May you have a happy, prosperous and joyful life.

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She needs mental health care for her issues. That type of behavior is not normal for a woman that has given birth. Her husband needs to help care for the baby with her.i will pray for these people that they find some healing.

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I just wonder why she brought this child in the world and now she's tired of raising her and forgotten she was raised by someone. Too bad

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I wish a child well that survived a mother trying to kill it and get a negative vote. What u want child dead.

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I forsaw this type of mothers on the horizon starting 3 decades ago. I recall telling my wife how difficult it would become to find a suitable wife for our 2 boys when they grow up. Reason was the pampering the girls were receiving from their now 40-50ish parents who themselves had been pampered by their babyboomer parents now in their late 60's or early 70's.

I also very well recall telling my friends that there will be babies who will suffer greatly as these mothers become "tired" of their babies in the same way they become tired of the baby dolls.

I purposely focus on the girls and not the boys as I in my old fashion way believe that "motherly love" is what keeps the family intact and not the father, The father on the other hand has a different responsibility in offering security to the wife and the kids. No more or less responsible than the wife.

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Almost certainly this woman is suffering from terrible depression, depression that will only be made an order of magnitude worse after what she has done. My heart goes out to the baby, the father and the mother, a failure to identify and offer help to this woman quickly enough.

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Weak family financial condition may be sole reason for Aya Shoji to take this extreme step otherwise no woman would ever like to strangulate her son.

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People suffer from depresiion I was abused almost killed as a child. I never killed anyone. NO EXCUSE. I still suffer from PTSD but my child is the happiest in the world and we are not so rich in Japan. These small percentage of Japanese women are genetic failures. They lack the instinct to that bonds mother and child.The Strongest Instinct known to humans civilisation.

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The government is trying to encourage Japanese people to have more babies as the population is declining. Sure, they are doing great by paying most of the hospital bills when a baby is born and monthly money for raising the child. However, they need to offer required courses for parents on child rearing and how it can be tough. I know many town health centers offer optional classes but it should be required.

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@ Steve - You have my support and best wishes for you and your family.

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Post-mitten means after death.

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Put the kid up for ADOPTION, don't KILL them...sick freak.

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I meant postpartum depression. Sorry.

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Darknet really? my grandparents raised 11 kids without the conveniences of the current days, no washing machine, no dish washer, no micro wave, it is an issue of a spoiled entitled generation.

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Shoji, who was arrested at her home, was quoted by police as saying she had become worn out from raising her child.

pathetic woman should have though about that before having her kid. I hope they don't blindly return the child back to his mother without having her properly evaluated

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