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Woman arrested for beating 8-year-old daughter with belt


Police in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, have arrested a 36-year-old woman on suspicion of abusing her 8-year-old daughter by hitting her with a belt.

According to police, the suspect, who is a Brazilian national, beat her daughter on the back and neck several times at around 6 p.m. on Wednesday at their home, local media reported.

After the girl did not go to school on Thursday, school officials called her home and got no answer. They then contacted police who visited the child’s residence.

Police said the girl was taken to hospital where doctors said she had suffered subcutaneous bleeding. Police said the mother, who works part-time, has denied beating her daughter.

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She probably had the belt used on herself by her mother or father. My father used to use the belt. I hated it then and I hate it even more now.

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Growing up in America. In New England. I had no Father figure as my Mom was single (various men in and out of her life and ours.) My sister included in (ours). I was a wild a child and got into trouble allot. I stole the local crime watch sign Infront of the entrance to my subdivision. A few other road signs. We kept them in a tree house I and my pals built with proceeds from mowing lawns, news paper delivery. In total there were 6 of us all real tight a BMW bike gang if you will. and still today 5 of us above ground and still tight. Always making a few bucks here or there. Pretty impressive tree house we built out.

My Mother who I absolutely have 0 relationship today and since I joined the Marines at age 18 cause I couldn't stand the witch. Would beat me severely from age 5 to age 16. Which only allowed me to be sneakier smarter at my crimes and mischief. She used, wooden spoons. Belts, green wood switches. Once used a metal spatula. To me beat severely all over my body and the face.

Once threw me across my room into a brick wall for selling all her Tupperware in the house to all the tenants in our building age 6, for a quarter or two ,50 cents to buy Jolly Ranchers. LOL. It was a retuned the Tupperware. But for that I was beaten and thrown and dragged and kicked like a thing. That is was when I started to hate my own mother.

Beating a child is not right. Grounding. Limiting movement, increased study, asking questions and talking to a child is a far better way to reach your child and trying to get to the root where the behavior is being generated from. Then explaining what the child did is unacceptable, I use language sometimes like. My house my rules. Or I am taking this Nintendo game away for this period of time and imposing a penalty for such a time allowing you to reflect on your actions. Seems to work pretty well with half my American Japanese kids of three.

There is no way beating a kids like this Mother did can be any constructive what so ever in any country or any culture. Have to find a way to reach your child and explain things. Chewing them out and calling them stupid and verbal abuse as well in not productive.

Sorry my two cents.....or two yen.... Food for thought. I seem to care about this more than I thought after reading the story....

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Don't think your daughter won't remember this when she's older and you're needing her help desperately.

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Sorry those were your experiences @ChristopherJ.Thomas. You seem to have dealt with them and adjusted for your own course with life.

“I seem to care about this more than I thought after reading the story....” -

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but, perhaps sounding off with a professional will help put it all in perspective. Good luck and wishing you and your family the best moving forward.

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Subcutaneous bleeding

is a fancy term for bruising, which you get from getting hit with objects like a stick or a belt.

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As a child, I was spanked 2 times that I can remember. Don't know why today and I'm fairly certain it hurt my father more than it hurt me. Pants were not pulled down.

A belt, paddle or other external implement was never used in our family.

When I was 17, Dad kicked me in the butt while we were doing something together with the RV. Nothing dangerous. I was shocked/surprised (not hurt) and asked why. He said because I'd asked a stupid question. By that point, I didn't remember the question anymore. My attention had been completely re-focused.

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This story doesn’t mention ‘protective custody’ of the child? The mother’s actions are in no way acceptable.  Regardless of nationality, this is another of Japan’s familes in crisis.

Child abuse in Japan is gradually increasing year upon year and/or people, schools and doctors now feel the legal responsibility to report it more often.

For this child and any others in the home, hopefully, there other family in Japan and local Brazilian community members than can provide for the child’s care.  

In North America, a special guardian ad litem is appointed immediately to act as an advocate, only in the child’s best interest, before any decisions and dispositions by the state and courts are finalized.

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Police said the girl was taken to hospital where doctors said she had suffered subcutaneous bleeding. Police said the mother, who works part-time, has denied beating her daughter.

The excuse is not even valid, because even if somebody else did it she did not fulfill her role as a guardian.

There are many different ways to discipline a child without having ever to use violence, I don't know how likely this will be but I hope the situation helps the woman understand it and provide better care for her daughter, or if the case merits so the child can be put under better care.

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It's been scientifically proven that physically disciplining children is ineffective and harmful:


Hope they get to the bottom of this and that the little girl recovers and is removed from the home.

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According to police, the suspect, who is a Brazilian national…

Why is this relevant? I expect better than this from JapanToday.

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I expect better than this from JapanToday.

you must be new.

 Police said the mother, who works part-time, has denied beating her daughter.

but the bruises say otherwise, sistah!

Maybe that stuff flies in Brazil, but what In the world would an 8 year old girl do, to deserve that kind of punishment?

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Understood @letsbereaslitic, it use to be the primary focus of such “Crime” news headlines.  Rarely am I known to defend an editors’ choices here but, on this occasion, they seem too have purposely left the mother’s country of origin out of the headline rather than sensationalizing it.  

It was perhaps included in the body of the story to show there are going to be some significant sensitive issues around handling this case, the child’s current welfare and eventual disposition as well as the possible deportation of the mother. 

Despite the large population of working ‘foreigners’ in Gifu and Aichi, it’s doubtful those prefectures have adequate resources and are prepared to handle the child’s special needs while decisions are being made about her mother.

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extension cord? Huh? You've lost me completely.

If physical discipline is used too often, it loses meaning and teaches the child that violence is acceptable. I bet we can all name a few leaders who were beaten too often.

OTOH, if no physical discipline is used, we end up with pacifist who will watch others being killed and do nothing. Both extremes are bad, IMHO.

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I never hit either of my kids. There's no need to as there are other ways of dealing with discipline. Being violent to your kids is poor parenting, and just teaches your kids to be violent to solve problems.

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My mother and father and teachers would have been arrested in today’s Western world. Wooden spoons, slaps and canes all hurt, sure, but I never held it against them.

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If I remember correctly, the bill banning parental use of physical punishment passed unanimously in the lower house in 2019. Not just child abuse - physical abuse, but discipline in the form of physical punishment is not allowed.

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Thefu,you remember the extension cord

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Subcutaneous bleeding? Oh my god. I hope she recovers. Abusing? That wicked mother.

You shouldn't hit your child with a belt but a little bit over the top don't you think?

I presume purple_depressed _bacon is a millennial - you don't think, "That's not a good idea. Don't do it again" would suffice?

And how did that phone call to the police go?

We phoned and no one answered

So what?

They're Brazilian.

We're on our way

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I presume purple_depressed _bacon is a millennial - you don't think, "That's not a good idea. Don't do it again" would suffice?

You presume wrong. I grew up wirh parents who believed in the "spare the rod; spoil the child" philosophy. Getting belted and smacked didn't stop me from misbehaving; it just made me sneakier and actually caused me to rebel and lash out more.

There are numerous positive disciplining methods for kids, none of which involve violence.

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Mr. Kishida, you made this the cornerstone of your acceptance speech Oct 2021 yet many families in Japan are at reaching a breaking point:

Japan Police Report Record High Number of Child Abuse Cases in 2021

Mar 24, 2022: -https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h01277/

Domestic Violence Consultations Hit Record High in Japan

Mar 3, 2022: -https://www.nippon.com/en/news/yjj2022030300507/

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I bet this woman treated her pet better than she treated the girl.

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Can Japan not send them back to Brazil? Enough neglect and abuse here without importing more.

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