Woman arrested for driving with husband clinging to car bonnet


Police in Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture, have arrested a 23-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she drove her car with her 23-year-old husband clinging to the bonnet.

The incident occurred at around 12 a.m. Monday, local media reported. Police said the woman drove off while her husband clung to the bonnet for about two kilometers before he fell off.

The husband called a friend who notified police. The man did not suffer any serious injuries.

Police have not revealed whether the suspect has pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charge.

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I really don't get why "attempted murder" is always applied to these cases. In half of them, the driver is simply trying to get away from the person hanging onto the car (of their own free will, by the way). If there is no intent to murder, a reckless behavior charge would be more appropriate.

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Police have not revealed whether the suspect has pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charge.

The article says this happened yesterday. I think it's pretty safe she hasn't already faced trial and had time to plead one way or the other. They could place this same statement at the end of any article about anyone being arrested for anything.

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We need more details such as the motive as to why the husband clung to the car and why the wife drove off. It seems like a domestic violence issue and the woman is attempting to escape. No matter what the reason is, clinging on a moving car without dedicated anchor points is a generally a bad idea.

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What is it with Japanese men clinging to car bonnets?

You read about that quite often here.

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All it takes is for the victim to fall down and hit the head hard enough to send him to better life. That is where attempted murder comes from.

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Baby dont leave me !!! aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! lol.

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He was only asking for more pocket money.

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Probably just checking the washer jet alignments.Boyz on Da Hood.

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There is something about Asian men and riding on car hoods.

They won't let go till the gates of hell

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Marital bliss :/

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Baby, please don't (let) go; Baby, please don't (let) go; Baby, please don't (let) go; You know I love you so

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