Woman arrested for hitting daughter's head against floor


A woman has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her 4-year-old daughter by hitting her head against the floor at their home in Moka, Tochigi Prefecture.

According to police, the girl's father reported the suspected assault to police after he noticed bruises on her head at around 2 p.m. on Friday, NTV reported Monday.

During police questioning, the 30-year-old woman reportedly told investigators that she lost her temper because her daughter wouldn't listen to her.

Police say the woman has been arrested for assault. An investigation is currently underway to establish whether the woman had carried out similar attacks in the past, NTV said.

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she lost her temper because her daughter wouldn’t listen to her.

Guess what? She's going to listen to you less as she gets older...get use to it!

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Guess what? She's going to listen to you less as she gets older.

Then guess what? She might start banging your head against the floor!

It could become a pattern of DV.

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Thank god/S this idiot fool of a woman did not KILL her daughter!!!!! Poor little girl!!

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Kudos to the father for reporting this to the police, especially considering that when a woman is a perpetrator of DV here in Japan it is almost always treated as a purely domestic matter with the father/husband duly told to buck up and sort things out on his own.

Many years ago I visited the parental counseling center (kosodate sodan) of my local city office when I had concerns about my Japanese wife and the welfare of our children with her (verbal violence and neglect, not physical violence). Not only did they do absolutely nothing, they even told one of my wife's neighborhood friends that I had approached them with my concerns. Never since have I trusted any of the Japanese authorities.

Men married to abusive women here really have nowhere to turn. Everyday they must go to work knowing that your children are not safe with their mother. It is truly agonizing.

I am glad that the authorities took action in this case, and I hope he is able to take the next step and remove himself and his daughter from this abusive wife/mother.

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My ex was so verbally abusive too. I find many women here that way on the streets and in the stores. Quite obnoxious. Kids need hugs, but the women here have a hard time doing that.

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According to police, the girl's father reported the suspected assault to police after he noticed bruises on her head at around 2 p.m. on Friday, NTV reported Monday

This is the first one of the New Year for me. Last year, we read lots of stories like this. I am extremely happy to see an active father report an abusive Japanese mother. It's long overdue.

The law needs to recognize that Japanese women and mothers have become increasingly violent over the years and it has been overlooked. Women who take on the title of mother are given too much credit from the start. Scientific reports that women go through some transformation after childbirth I believe, in my opinion, are false. Maybe you discover who you are. Perhaps you learn more about yourself. However it is your life and environment that is transformed. Not the women themselves.

A good mother was a good woman before she ever conceived. That woman, MOST LIKELY, came from a good home where the values of family were instilled in her.

For the first child abuse case of the year, it comes with some satisfaction that the woman in this case was taken into custody. Men need to report abusive spouses more and more. Especially Japanese men. Don't take the abuse from your spouses and don't allow your wife to abuse the children.

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Well done the little ones father!

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My guess is she was abused as a child, too. Must be hard to break the cycle of emotional abuse, especially when a lot of these housewives are trapped in the home all day, or are surrounded by gossipy neighbours, or live in the husband's home. Who knows what is stressing this lady out!?

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The saddest part of all this is that the daughter will be back in the mother's care within a week. I'd say I hope someone can bang some common sense into this woman, but it sounds like she's just going to be plain stupid for the rest of her life.

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I remember this episode from Terry Pratchet's novel, where Death writes down how to properly say "Cock-a-doo" and shows it to the rooster, and the rooster realized that he has to learn to read really very fast. This is the situation with anyone in the Japanese society. Dogs are not allowed to bark, although this is the very nature of a dog. Kids are not allowed to run, be noisy, jump. They are taught hiragana and numbers from age of 3, even 2.They have to say itadakimas' and Gochisousama before/after meal.They have to be nice pleasant dolls. If not- the parents suffer, and the kids too.

The woman who lives below us complained for our daughter runs in our room, in our very appartment, and now we, with little baby, face eviction, if she is not quiet . We are being punished for letting our daughter be what a little child should be, for not opressing her.

Japanese society demands way too much and gives way too little to mothers. This severe lack of balance drives people crazy. It's like being pushed against a wall. You can try and push back, but many eventually crack, and get smashed.

Only talks on TV and nice but totally ignorant welfare workers(I remember I was with walking pneumonia a month ago and I said I need help, and they told me only"Taihen des' ne..." as if I didn't know), won't stop this. When my baby's vaccination session ends, I'm going back to my country, where noone will want me to opress my children, just to have a rest. But there are many women who have nowhere to go.The Japanese society needs to change, needs to stop thinking only abut their comfort, and to allow their children to breath and enjoy their childhood,not to push parents and kids into willpower war.

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With an arrest for assault/child abuse, this woman's credibility as a mother is dented, and any future offense will have more weight.

She certainly is a candidate for anger management, and proper childcare classes.

Kudos, to the dad, for making a move on his daughter's behalf.

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Piltdown Man and MaboDofulsSpicy. I truly am sorry to hear about your situation.Your children are blessed to have such strong and loving fathers in their lives.

I am a mother to three beautiful diamonds and as a mother I can say, 'Mother isn't always best.' unfortunately, some people just shouldn't have children. I love being with my kids and whilst the ole stressometre has taken a beating the ladt few years, I'd never hurt my children. Some mothers cannot deal with child rearing or they have this cosy image in their minds and the reality is quite different. My hubby and I are a team. That's what our family is about. He is a wonderful father and I appreciate him beyond words.

Kudos to the daddy of this little girl. I sincerely hope that smithjapan is wrong but ........

Children are precious little souls whether they take the shape of tiny hellions, smeared with chocolate, trashing the house and driving a parent to distraction. I understand how frustrating a parent's role can be but I concentrate more on the wonderful gifts I have been given.

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they should implement parenting licenses in Japan!

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I think some of the problems women here have in Japan with raising children is that they are unprepared with the difficulties of raising a child. They just haven't developed the patience required.

My wife was taken care of very well by her family. She wasn't prepared for being a parent or being a wife. Life before marriage consisted of tea parties with friends, saving to spend on useless things (e.g., expensive snow gear for someone who skiied once or twice, paid trips for the family), and a simple low job with little demanded of her. Her ideas of being a wife and mother were a little too adolescent.

As a result, she doesn't have the temperment to handle a child, the disruptions, and the attention they require.

The husband probably tried to reason with his wife and called the police once it became painfully obvious that she couldn't be reasoned with like before.

I can only hope that more people take actions like this father and the J-authorities take these assaults on children seriously.

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Well done to the father - and well said Sam (I have been saying that a lot recently!) and Net!

I feel for the two posters who had to deal with crazy j-wives and had no support. Japan really, really needs to step up and deal with the abuse from parents. I don;t know if it is actually getting worse or that the media reports it more often. I know far too many adults who were victims of abuse who have sadly continued the cycle in their marriages - and probably will with their kids. What can I do? Sit and hope for the best as reporting it doesn't seem to get anything done - and makes you the enemy.

Health and welfare and cops need more power in this area. Charge the mom, get her some help and keep her away from her kid until she is fit. Support the father as he's going to need it.

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Maybe the child wasn't listening because the parent wasn't worth being listened to? Too many parents think that kids will just listen to them because they're the parents....But kids are smarter than we think and we need to listen to them and earn their respect too.

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Sasoriza@ I do hope you can protect your children from that nutty woman who lives in your same apartment. Apartments are no good for kids better to movec into a cheap danchi if your family has no money to buy a house. Good luck!

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Sazoriza. When my 3rd child was born, the twins then aged 3 were put into emergency daycare for one month as I was hospitalized to give birth. We have zero family support here. Of that 4 weeks daycare which incidentally we had to bend over backwards week I was in the hospital. When I returned home with wee bairn, one twin came down with Norrovirus and a few days later the other twin. Over 3 weeks of the daycare was spent either hospitalized and then dealing with 2 very sick 3 year olds. I was exhausted tending to a newborn who breastfed for the Universe, 2 sick kids( one had to go on a drip she was so ill) and a hubby who couldn't get time off work. We asked the City Office to allow us to have just one more week or a couple of weeks extra daycare so I could get some rest. Nope. Nothing. All I kept hearing about was 'Well, what about your family?' Cold. Just cold. Hubby who is Japanese was plain disgusted.

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@Tmarie. Always gratefully accepted! I've had a Japanese mummy friend ring me in the early hours asking if she can come round as her baby wouldn't stop crying and she was at her wits end. She has no family in Tokyo and she told me she didn't feel like she could call one of her Japanese friends. She stayed a couple of days as her husband was working away and through the tears of frustration we ended up laughing about it. Better to get it out to a friend who can understand what you are going through than totally lose it and take it out on a child.

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Sam, she's lucky to have you - and smart enough to go to you. Sadly, I have to agree with her about not being able to go to a J-chick. 'They" tend to keep to themselves when needing help which makes me think they don't know how to help others when they need it. I find your story frightening - though sadly, not surprising. My husband really doesn't understand why I am scared to death about how a kid here. Much like you, no family nearby and I live in a SAHM area with very little daycare, let alone support for working moms or those who want to work. I don't get why the government hasn't figured out why no one wants to have kids yet...

With regards to the neighbour complaining about a kid jumping, I can see both sides. I don't think she's "nutty" to complain if the kid is running around and she has to listen to it. Some buildings have crap insulation and you can hear everything. Perhaps put carpet down to muffle the sound or take the kid out and tire them in the park before coming home? Indeed, an apartment is a horrible place for a kid to grow up - sadly, all too common here and there aren't many options. My former neigbours drove me nuts with their thumping kid - didn't complain though. Came close a few times though. Isn't really fair on anyone.

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we have a 1-year old, and i have noticed my wife losing patience on occasion with my sons behavior because she was too absorbed in her own activity.

it wouldn't be fair for me to criticize her, because i basically insist that she attend to him because i am a freelancer who works at home and am always multitasking, but i have also on occasion found my patience worn thin in a similar manner, and had to consciously pull myself away from what i was immersed in to properly interact with my son.

i'm always using my mind (or the bottle to shut it off!), so such self-awareness comes to me perhaps more readily than to this obviously stressed-out beyond beyond belief mother, so she definitely needs some sort of counseling to help her recognize such dispositions and situations.

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That's just sad. That little girl could've had a head concussion. I'm glad the father called the police on her. I feel so sad for the little girl.

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viking, speak for yourself. Maybe you should have noticed that your Japanese wife was not "mother material" before you decided to get married with her. My Japanese wife didn't have previous experience raising a kid, but she's doing just fine the first time around. Yes, it was stressful for her in the beginning since she had to do everything by herself, but I tried my best to help her emotionally and now she's enjoying every moment.

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Bicultural, I don't think people know until they have their own. Many people assume they'll be great at parenting and suck. Others assume they'll suck and be great. Hindsight is a pain int he butt. Foresight? People change after marriage, kids... not as easy as you think and I think you're being rather harsh.

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