Woman keeps body of common-law husband in apartment for 10 months


Police in Yokohama said Saturday they have arrested a 48-year-old unemployed woman on suspicion of abandoning the corpse of her common-law husband at residence for 10 months.

According to police, Hisae Sasaki said her common-law husband died around the middle of December last year at their apartment in Kanagawa Ward, Sankei Shimbun reported. She was quoted as saying she found him lying in his futon, unresponsive. Police said she told them she didn’t know what to do and had no one she could turn to for help, so she left the body where it was.

On Friday afternoon, a woman case worker from the ward office visited the apartment to inquire about an application for welfare that Sasaki had filed. She  noticed a foul odor in the apartment and later called 110. Police came and found the man’s remains.

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Nothing of a news and thousands if not more to come, as no help as simple explanation.

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Sounds like this poor woman needs residential care.

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Sadly I agree with Jonathan. This kind of incident is not really shocking or newsworthy in Japan anymore.

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If it's not skeletons in the closet it's skeletons in the futon. How could she possibly have put up with the smell for so long? It seems for many of these people who say they didn't know what to do, they really mean to say, 'mendokusai', in that the necessary procedures and paperwork etc. are a hassle.

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I know of people who slept with their dead husbands/wives for a week or two, before they felt they could let go.

We still have two urns of bones we need to take to the family grave in Fuji.

A welfare funeral can be arranged for ¥20,000 which only includes the cremation.

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As disturbing as this story is, what exactly is the crime here? Did she fraudulently pretend that the man was alive? If not, God forbid I end up in this situation, how long do I have to report the death before it's perp-walk time?

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Seems to be a Japanese thing, or is it just that I keep seeing similar stories reported in the press?

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Strange how keeping something right next to you can be called "abandonment."

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I am not surprised at all after living here for a while, some people are so heartless and cold beyond imagination.

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Funerals are becoming exponentially expensive. These cases often happen for fear of not being able to afford a proper funeral and person involved enters a spiral of despair ultimately unable to take any decision or action. When my time comes I will probably donate my body to science to avoid leaving my family to deal with this hurdle.

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I am not surprised at all after living here for a while, some people are so heartless and cold beyond imagination.

Sounding pretty bitter there, bro. Time to get out? Or just all corona'ed out? Relax and have some camomile tea man.

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The odors would have been unbelievable. Surprised neighbors didn't notice the smell. Not a pleasant story.

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I wonder how she got through the summer months.

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