Woman arrested for slashing ex-husband at supermarket


Police said Monday they have arrested a 30-year-old woman for assaulting her 52-year-old ex-husband with a knife at a supermarket.

According to police, the suspect, identified a Miyuki Kinoshita, 30, was arrested after slashing her ex-husband's head while they were at Ito Yokado's Oimachi store in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward at around 6:20 p.m. Sunday.

Fuji TV reported that the attack occurred on the 7th floor. The victim was transported to hospital immediately and his injuries are not life-threatening, police said.

Kinoshita was quoted by police as saying that her ex-husband kept pestering her to get back together again, so she attacked him, Fuji TV reported.

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What stupid excuse. Move! Change your number! Get a restraining order! There are 50 ways to leave your lover! Simon and Garfunkel said so! Slashing and stabbing isn't one of them!

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Did she just "happen" to be carrying a knife around?

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Why do you assume she didn't already move, change her number, and get a restraining order?

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First of all, I would think that if if she did do any of these things, the article might have mentioned it. Secondly, if she did any one of these things, I would think that her husband wouldn't be able to find her, or be arrested if he did.

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shouldn't that be the other way around then? usually it's the person being rejected (the ex-husband) who kills/injures his or her love interest. What a weird way to say "Never gonna happen."

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7th floor is where knives are on sale. so she must have picked one up and attacked him? Did they go together Or he folowed her there?

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Well, now she can get together with some wrist bracelets and a cold jail cell.

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So, this was obviously a self defense incident as a result of stalking. He should be arrested, not her. She should also have gone to the flops to report his pestering.

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Pestering is a translation of a word we don't know at this point. It sounds like nagging but could very well have included threats and intimidation/ stalking.

M Hayashi

I would think that her husband wouldn't be able to find her, or be arrested if he did.

sorry, a little naive. Why do we keep reading about terrified women who've run away from their husbands, some cases don't even tell their own parents where they've gone, and the husband/boyfriend still comes after him. Cops don't usually arrest until after the husband has done something violent, so no real protection there.

In this case, we just don't have enough background information.

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Yikes!!! Crazy people!!!

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These are speculations, the real question is, why they married, why they divorced, who suffered from domestic violence,who loss and who gain financially during all this process. but attacking some one with a knife is a crime after all, why the woman did not call the police at the first place in order to register her complain

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Well that seems a little harsh. You could have just said no.

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justice van pool,

are you talking to me?

I am not a lawyer, am not involved in this case and am not offering any evidence about anything, so I think you misunderstood something?

I was responding to M Hayashi, who said "if she did do any of those things...", and the fact is women who are stalked and/ or threaten may take precautions, but that doesn't mean the precautions will have any effect, hence to my mind Hayashi's conclusion is simply simplistic and naive. That does not mean this woman is being stalked, but usually ppl who go to the extreme of stabbing someone who is "pestering" have a reason. But maybe she is just unbalanced...

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Hmm, would love to hear his side of the story.

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Very Sad - Never should have happened. She needs to serve time in confinement!

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Why was it that they were shopping together if she didn't want to be with him?

Moderator: The story doesn't say that. It's possible he followed her.

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I don't get it. J-news reported this yesterday, but it was the other way around. They said it was the the woman who was trying to get the ex- back in her life, and since this didn't happen, she stabbed him.

Please fill me in on the details!

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TRSnow, the reported short form of her original Japanese was not clear and could be read either way. 「元夫に復縁を迫り、切りつけた」...と供述しており.

Looking at it now, I think she was trying to get back with him, but if she couldn't have him, no-one else was going to.

ie, "I tried to pressure him into coming back to me, but I ended up stabbing him."

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There are 50 ways to leave your lover... that was number 49! BTW, if you follow someone around with a knife... I have to break this to you... you are the stalker and not the victim! Also, what happened to her spell casting abilities in place of a knife? With women it's usually either witchcraft of weddings... and I read nothing about a wedding!

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nandakandamanda, thank you for the link.

I see the problem here. The title on that story is from the ex-'s point of view, but the article writes of what she said in her view. That may be confusing.

I don't know if JT got the original news from the same source, but they should do better translating or getting their facts straight...!

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Did she just "happen" to be carrying a knife around?

no, she picked them up on aisle 3.

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