Woman arrested for stabbing common-law husband to death


Police on Sunday night arrested a 47-year-old woman for fatally stabbing her 61-year-old common-law husband on the street of Chofu City, Tokyo.

Kaoru Okuno, 47, was arrested for allegedly stabbing Shigeru Sato to death with a knife in front of his "izakaya" restaurant around 11:40 p.m. Sato was taken to hospital but died shortly after.

Okuno was quoted by police as saying, “We got into an argument and I lost my temper.”

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Wow, just lost her temper. Don't want to see her when she's really angry.

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I wonder what she thought he did or said to cause that!?

"You didn't cook the chicken properly!?" - <stab>

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Jeez. And he was just about to ask her to marry him after all those years.

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Didn't that lady who stabbed her 14 y/o son say the exact same thing? "we had an argument and I lost my temper."

Now, when they say "fatally stabbing" do they mean she just went Norman Bates on the guy, or was it one thrust and see ya hubby?

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Once again i wish we had more insight into her motive like say she was tired of working in that resturant or she was tired of delievering those phoned in orders.

Otherwise all we can get from this is: Bottom line for men in Japan - If you get into an argument with a Japanese women, let her WIN - You may have lost the argument but you're still alive.

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having a bad day at the office? try valium

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All right, that's it! Ban all knives in Japan. Chefs will have to be licensed to use knives and when not in actual use, knives must be locked in an approved safe. All food will be prepared and served pre-cut to bite sized pieces. Stores will only sell plastic utencils (a la airplane meals)

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