Woman arrested for stabbing her child to death in Saitama


One child died and another was seriously injured after their mother stabbed them with a kitchen knife at their Saitama home earlier this month, police said Saturday.

According to police, 34-year-old nursing home employee Atsuko Kurihara was arrested for murder and attempted murder after stabbing her sons at her home in the early hours of Dec 19, Fuji TV reported. Her 5-month-old son was killed in the attack, while her 2-year-old son sustained serious injuries.

Kurihara then attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the abdomen, police said. Fuji reported that she was taken to hospital following the incident and discharged on Friday, at which point she was arrested.

During police questioning, Kurihara was quoted as saying that she didn't want to live but has so far given no motive for her actions.

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Mother of the day award is in! (I'd say week or month but there have already been too many). I hope the second child recovers, and the first one is in a better place. I also hope the mother gets life, but she'll probably only get two years if that.

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Saitama again?!

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Stabbed herself in the abdomen (probably not deeply) and expected to get saved, that's a suicidal gesture not attempt.

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imagine how she felt, alone, with no one in her life to care, or help..i'm not defending her but this stuff brought on by social isolation is so common here. It's probably really immature of me, but I wish I could be there for everyone like this...

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Rest in peace for the poor baby, and s speedy recovery to the two year old infant.

I bet there has to be a long and really messed up story we are not seeing here. Even though attacking her own kids is the most idiotic thing she could have possibly done, I just doubt she was just leadind a peaceful and comfy life and suddenly, one morning, she just decided to do this.

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@ Sensei, yes,its that time of year that Saitama makes the headlines on serious crimes. Where the heck was the father during the attacks?

RIP to the little one and hopefully this woman sees the back of prison bars for a long long time to never have the chance to finish her dirty deeds to the 2 year old!

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A CRY FOR HELP... is what it looks like to me. If she wanted to kill herself she would have done a better job of it. Now she is receiving the help and attention she probably needed/wanted, but didn't know how to ask for. Get it Japan? Offer more services to help such people and make it aware that asking for help isn't shameful... but quite the opposite!

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There needs to be a major public campaign and quick.

This is ridiculous

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A clarion call from the depressed, poorly funded, old and needy, social services involved in all areas of human care need to be reformed here in Japan as soon as is possible. This particular case is no doubt the tip of the iceberg and for the the Mother to kill her own flesh and blood is major slap on the face to all involved. So please wake up social services and get out there to prevent any more such tragedies and if you don`t have enough funding (severely cut by the last government) then go and get it from the new one. The Knights will remain vigilant on this very frightening form of case during this difficult time of year, be neighbourly and make it a point to help those in need!

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Public campaigns will not do anything that makes changes on peoples consciousness. There needs to be real work done and that is teaching people to meditate and do yoga and any other practise that allows people to experience their inner bliss. These places of learning exist but they are not free. Countries around the world need to make "meditation" centers that educate people on the inner world--education that is only based on worldly knowledge does not lead anywhere. Once I become a billionaire I will be setting up these centers around the world--free of charge--plus include a free meal that is made of wholesome food to build the foundation for great minds.

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This kind of news just makes me so sick!

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Stupid people make me wanted to vomit...I sincerely hope that these people aren't getting reduced or suspended sentences

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Some ppl lead sad, desperate lives.

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And to think that she is supposed to be working in a nursing home.!

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Japanese children are an endangered species.

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@sensei258 7'000'000 people r living in Saitama. What do you want to say with Again ?

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