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Woman arrested for stabbing husband to death in Tochigi


A 60-year-old woman was arrested on Sunday night for allegedly stabbing her 56-year-old husband to death at home in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture.

According to police, Rumiko Dedori called them just after she stabbed her husband Noboru with a knife around 8:30 p.m. while he was sleeping. The husband was taken to hospital but died about one hour later, police said.

The wife was quoted by police as saying, “I have been dissatisfied with my life with him for a long time.”

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I can totally relate with this woman, heck, whenever I get distisfied with anything in my life I just stab it with a sharp object (kitchen knives work the best).

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I wonder what was so dissatisfying about their life together.

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Please answer me a question. I am from Argentina, and I wanna know if for this crime you Japaneses impose the death penalty. Thank You.

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whenever I get distisfied with anything in my life I just stab it with a sharp object (kitchen knives work the best).

I don't think this is a very pleasant story to tell us on this discussion board. Such a comment is weird and sad and not a good way to start off the week. I hope many posters would suggest more positive thinking...please.

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If it was me, I would have just walked out of that man and move on with my life. There are many men around to date or to marry. You just need to make an effort to build up a relationship.

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Tragic...but all things considered...predictable.


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seesaw: Unfortunately, this is Japan and it's near impossible for a 60 year old woman to walk out on her husband and move on with her life. Divorce is hardly an option in Japan, despite many men being available.

Her avenue of escape was years ago, since she said she's been unhappy for a long time, but decided to stick with it. At 60 she probably felt trapped.

Very sad her decision resulted in the loss of life and family.

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No death sentence for this. First time offense, not likely to repeat it, only one death, possibly not premeditated. Probably 5 years in jail.

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I don't believe her for a second. people usually alter their reasons after it sets in what they've done. If we was really 'dissatisfied for quite some time," she would have poisoned him or something. stabbing somebody with knife usually requires some anger. And to stab a sleeping guy requires some long held pent up anger.

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He probably deserved it, but gees! 60 y/o? That's holding a grudge for a looooong time! She has solved all her problems in one hit. She's offed the knobhead and now she'll spend a steady retirement in prison with three square meals a day and a job. Everything's cool!

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They were obviously sleeping in different rooms. He should have used something to jam the door before going to bed.

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She is very stupid woman to say...“I have been dissatisfied with my life with him for a long time.” She could just left him long time ago instead killing him. I nwonder if she will hang, or plead 'INSANITY?' Now I'll start to lock my doors every night. 'THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING CRAZY.'

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My opinion in this case is that they had been lack of communication throughout their relationship. This Japanese woman may belong to the kind that doesn't know how to express her feeling or who doesn't know how to reject ( i think its considered typical). So as this feeling accumulates, and one day released, it is this tragedy that happens.

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