Woman arrested on suspicion of abandoning body of 70-year-old husband


A 53-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body of her deceased 70-year-old husband in Saitama City.

According to police, Kinuko Wakui left her dead husband Toshio at their apartment in Urawa Ward at the beginning of June, Fuji TV reported Friday. She checked into a hospital and told staff her husband was dead at home.

Police said Wakui has admitted to the charge and quoted her as saying, "I left his body there because I don’t have any money for a funeral. I then became uneasy and scared, so I ran away.”

Police said the body had multiple bruises on the head and abdomen, and already showed signs of progressed decay. Police said Wakui has admitted to beating her husband, and are questioning her further on this point.

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Wakui has admitted to beating her husband

More Japanese "fatal abuse," meanwhile back in the real world we call it MURDER!!

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If she had been ale to use the Internet, googled up and found an affordable funeral service or two, she would not have abandoned her husband body. Nevertheless, if she was literally more or less broke, then it was another matter. :‑(

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If she had been ale to use the Internet,

... should have been as follows:

If she had been able to use the Internet,

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Yet another family member will get away with murder

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Another news headline where the old taking care of the old(er), gets fed up with the constant care, abuse the partner out of frustration because they dont know what to do. Senior care informational help should be easily and readily available for anyone. This is so sad.

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The cost of cremation without any extras is less than ¥10,000 (closer to ¥5000). A funeral service provider will add a bunch of stuff and end up costing ¥2-300,000 or so.

There is no excuse for elder abuse because there are so many social services available unless you live in a forest or on top of a mountain.

There is a cog missing somewhere (social services) and that is as much responsible as the lady for her husband's death.

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