Woman arrested on suspicion of killing 2-month-old daughter


Police in Naha, Okinawa, have arrested a 29-year-old woman on suspicion of killing her 2-month-old daughter in November, 2015.

According to police, Minami Niigaki, who now lives in Naha, used to live in an apartment house in Ginowan where she allegedly abused and killed her daughter Haruna. Fuji TV quoted police as saying she took her unconscious child to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Doctors noticed several bruises on the baby’s body, and the cause of death was determined to be due to head injuries.

Police began an investigation based on a report from a hospital, and asked the mother to come in for voluntary questioning on Wednesday of this week. Police said Niigaki has admitted to abusing her daughter.

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WTF, she killed her baby over a year ago, and the investigation is just now getting started?! I'll say it again, IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO KILL YOUR BABY, GIVE HER TO US. I don't care how difficult it makes my life. There is nothing more important

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suspicion of killing her 2-month-old daughter in November, 2015.

Is this correct or a JT typo? If it is correct, why did take over a year for her to be arrested?

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klausdorthJan. What is wrong with those mothers? No, they are not mothers, they are animals!!

Sorry Sir , Animals cares of their off spring ....

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"YES, you're right! But what should we call them?"

They are Japanese.

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Millennials lack patience.

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