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Woman arrested over death of 56-year-old mother


Police in Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, said Sunday they have arrested a 33-year-old unemployed woman on suspicion of killing her 56-year-old mother at their home on Saturday.

According to police, Yasuko Yamada repeatedly hit her mother Atsuko with both fists for 15 minutes from around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Kyodo News reported. Yamada called 119 and said that her mother wasn’t breathing. The victim was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The hospital contacted police.

Police said that Atsuko had suffered a broken nose, broken arm and rib damage.

Yamada was quoted by police as saying she and her mother often quarreled and that she only meant to stop the argument when she hit her mother, but lost her temper.

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Is it only me, or does it seem to many people that this type of news (intrafamily murder) is more prevalent in Japan than in other countries? Or is it just reported more?

Intrafamily crime a reflection of Japan's aging society | The Japan Times

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Yes. It is more frequent. By large. By magnitudes.

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“Yes. It is more frequent. By large. By magnitudes.”

Could you direct me to a source, please.

4 ( +10 / -6 )

"killing her 56-year-old mother at their home on Saturday."

"she and her mother often quarreled and that she only meant to stop the argument when she hit her mother, but lost her temper."

oh really, ....you have got to be kidding me...well blow me down with a feather.

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Yamada was quoted by police as saying she and her mother often quarreled and that she only meant to stop the argument when she hit her mother, but lost her temper.

I'm sure it went deeper than that.

she only meant to stop the argument when she hit her mother,

So that makes it better?

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Lost her temper? She beat her mother to death over a 15 minute period. That is not losing her temper. That is a psychopath.

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I have a question. How does a broken nose and arm plus rib damage contribute to death?

I’ve broken my nose, siblings have broken arms, and a friend broke (not damaged) a few ribs; none have died.

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With both fists for 15 minutes? Even boxers would have a hard time punching for 15 minutes with both fists.


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She must very strong woman killing someone with fists. Unfortunately , her brain didn’t seem to have any of the strength of her fists. Based on my own observations in japan, most of the Japanese women, (I would say around 90%), have some sort of mental abnormality in a level needing professional treatment although they would never accept it.

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1 minute is quite a long time. And 15 minutes is a looooooog time to kill one's own mother. Yasuko Yamada must have had a ton of anger in her when she punched her mother Atsuko to death. Yasuko may be unemployed at this time. But she must have been a champion professional boxer at one time.

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In this country the aging society pampered their kids, never knew how to say, "no" and this is the result overgrown adult children who expect to be waited on hand and foot and when they don't get what they want lash out. This syndrome is going to only get worse as time goes on where these adult children either take out their parents and or their own kids.

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What a beastly crime, the poor mother must have suffered terribly, possibly for a prolonged period of time.

I find it incredibly upsetting

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Osaka ??? Again ??? There’s some weirdo’s living there …. That’s for sure .!.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Weirdo’s live everywhere.

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Indeed, though I must admit there are plenty fo weirdos in the part of Osaka I reside in, but from my experience no more dangerous than in other parts of Japan.

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Beating her own mom for 15 long minutes?

Its hard to comprehend.

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Sounds like she won, now, she gets to "Live With It".

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Before we go on calling the daughter a murderer, first think lets think about some things. We all know Japan is a graying society, the article says the daughter was 33 year old mother. We don't know the condition of the mother but perhaps the daughter was her care taker, perhaps the mother had mental issues all of this is speculation for me but think about it. When people have their ways especially the parent and a child is trying to care for a parent who was the one who always made the decisions suddenly think they can do what they use to do. Thats the mentality of a start athlete thinking he can still compete at the same level his mind says one thing but his body says another but still he can't comprehend this. In this case perhaps the daughter had to continue arguing with her mom about things that the mother felt she could still do but couldn't and perhaps it could have been harmful and after soo many attempts the daughter got frustrated and the end result happened, as the daughter admitted they quarreled often but the article never said she beat her mom. It could have been just this one incident that could have been a fatal one. We don't live in their home and we have not idea of the mentality of the mother or the daughter we only know what we read. Last but not least try putting yourself in the shoes of taking care of an elderly person only then you would know how stressful of a job it could be, ok I get it the article never said the mother was elderly but in most cases that I have read its usually a child taking care of a mom or dad and end up frustrated and killing them or hurting them. Lets get the real facts.

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The hell, beating her mother so she could stop the argument. I would kick this woman out of the house. She had lost respect for her mother.

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