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Woman arrested over death of partner in Mie


A woman in Kawana, Mie Prefecture, has been arrested over the death of her partner at their home in June.

According to TV Asahi, the woman, who has been identified as 40-year-old Kayo Kimura, currently a student at an adult-learning college, is accused of causing the death of her live-in partner Tetsuya Watanabe. Police said there had been a pattern of domestic abuse in the household leading up to the attack at around 2 a.m. on June 8, following which Watanabe died. He was 44 at the time of his death.

Kimura reportedly told police that Watanabe had tripped over at the front entrance and had lost consciousness following the fall. However, investigators were concerned about several unexplained, minor injuries found on his face, arms and legs. Interviews conducted with neighbors revealed that the pair began living together in March, but could often be heard fighting, TV Asahi reported.

Police quoted Kimura as saying she has caused Watanabe's death and that the two of them had been fighting in April and May.

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Woman kills man. She must be a lot bigger than me. They should have separated at least.

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One never knows. I stand (193-4cm ) 6'4" and weigh about 100kg, my wife is MAYBE (152-3cm) 5ft and if she's had a big meal maybe 50kg, she could push me down the stairs after one of my nights out drinking so size doesnt always matter.

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What do you bet her punishment will be much harsher than if it was a man abusing & finally killing his wife....

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Does it matter about the woman abusing the man, visa versa? Either way, there was abuse within the relationship and they had been fighting a month after they moved in together. But again, women are perfectly capable of beating up men and I remember reading in a magazine that a lot like men beat women, most males being beat up by their partners don't really admit to it because they are embarressed. But, either way, someone died. Another life on which has lived on this Earth for the short time he was alive, has now passed. We don't know who is responsible, yet we do know, again, someone has died. RIP.

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Police said there had been a pattern of domestic abuse in the household leading up to the attack […] but (neighbors revealed they) could often be heard fighting.

So who was abusing who? Don't know how much physical violence if any was used before the actual incident but they were often heard fighting so it seems that the verbal abuse at least was mutual. Since it sounds like there were no children involved either of them could have walked away. I disagree with Jannetto's comment. The media tends to focus blame on the man in such cases and women are generally portrayed as the victims. Yes, often it is the man who resorts to physical violence, but it cuts both ways and there is more than one way to abuse a partner.

I wonder what will happen in this case? The neighbours heard fighting so will the woman use DV as a mitigating factor? And if her DV defence is found to be valid would a male defendant receive the same treatment that she might in a similar situation? It seems that it's much more difficult for men to prove they are subject to DV.

It's not unusual for women to fraudulently accused their partners of DV, particularly in child custody cases, or even just as a form of revenge but I think it would be rare for men to use DV in a fraudulent way (maybe I'm wrong). The courts encourage lying in a way because in civil cases perjury is really a non-issue. And in civil cases (especially) the man really has no defence against a false DV accusation since you can't really prove a negative.

Anyway my point is that it takes two to tango and that the media and courts are not impartial. There needs to be less hyping of the "violent" husband in the media, more attention paid to false accusations and less bias in the courts.

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i don't get it. the business partner was living with her? or do they mean boyfriend? roommate?lover? there are many clearer words than "partner." what is a partner? certainly not a life partner, especially now...

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the jail cell must seem more attractive by the day

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Pattern of domestic abuse does not define which of the two was the alleged abuser, what is certain is the guy ended up being fataly injured.They had only been together as a couple from March and Police had allready been called to intervene in their disputes in April and May, there is no mention of children as part of the family, so no excuse for either of them to stay in a violent relationship

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Are accidental deaths by genkan common in Japan?

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