Woman arrested over hit-and-run in Chiba


Police on Sunday arrested a 31-year-old woman over the hit-and-run of a 71-year-old man in Nagareyama, Chiba Prefecture, on Saturday night.

According to police, Yajiro Akita was hit by a car at about 8:20 p.m. Saturday. He suffered severe head injuries and remained in a coma on Sunday, Fuji TV reported.

On Sunday afternoon, police traced the owner of the car and arrested Masumi Ochi on a charge of negligent driving resulting in injury. She was quoted by police as saying she panicked and kept going after she hit the man.

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I wonder what such a charge means? Jail time, loss of license? Will she be shunned and lose her job?

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it will end up **in a small fine amount for the lady.

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I heard ppl went to jail for stuff like this, wanted to know for sure. If a fine, probably not anywhere near small.

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I wonder what such a charge means? Jail time, loss of license? Will she be shunned and lose her job?

Hopefully all four for this stupid immorality.

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not true. If anything, the law takes hit and run very seriously. Hit and run is not just a fine-able offense anymore. This woman will do some time for this. And if the victim dies, she will do some serious time.

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i would panic too but i wouldnt just leave the man for deads.

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One small misstep and your life can be ruined.

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makes me afraid to drive a car. I've been on bicycle and trains for a loooong time. I'd be really afraid of hitting someone, especially in this crowded country.

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Ive nearly been hit by dangerous drivers many times...and the have the hide to honk at me. I just give them my middle finger and they usually get the picture!

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