Woman assaulted, robbed in Kobe


A 25-year-old woman was punched in the stomach and robbed in Kobe on Sunday.

The victim called 110 at around 11:45 p.m., Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said she had finished eating dinner with an acquaintance and was sitting alone on a bench in Chuo Ward. She was approached by a man who offered to walk her to the train station.

The woman declined further assistance from the man as they approached the station. The male suspect then suddenly kicked her in the stomach and grabbed her wallet, which contained about 80,000 yen in cash.

The male suspect is believed to be between 30 and 40 years old and of medium build.

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In short, she shouldn't follow him saying like "I'm waiting for a friend." Hope the police will catch him asap.

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she shouldn't follow him - she shouldn't have followed him

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Sad we can no longer trust anyone.

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Sad we can no longer trust anyone.

Implying it was better in the past is wrong.

There's more media converage nowaday that's why you're under the impression things are getting worst.

The truth is the opposite but the media competition leads to report and emphasis everything.

In the next decade, why not every kids arguments in the playgrounds ?

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Let’s hope the victim makes a full recovery. That is horrible this sort of thing random violence occurred. She was having dinner and enjoying herself and this low life had to do such horrible act of kicking someone for reason. He should be locked up and in solitary confinement for at least 60 years. 60 years and in solitary confinement should be the consequence for any man who commits a violent crime (except in self defense). If 60 years and on solitary confinement was law, this horrible act would be less likely to occur or never occur.

It is shocking this type of thing could occur in Japan. It is understood that Japan along with Singapore, Taiwan and Mainland China are among the safest countries in the world and that ghetto areas such as Camden, New Jersey , USA, Newark, New Jersey, USA, Paterson, New Jersey, USA, Irvington, New Jersey, USA, certain areas of Washington District of Columbia, USA Philadelphia, PA, USA and New York City, USA are virtually non existent in Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China and other areas on the Far East. As a result, one would think walking around at night even in an empty alley at midnight should be safe regardless of gender, age build, etc.

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@baroque every country has pockets of crime, all of the countries or cities you named not being safe you PROBABLY have never been to. As a matter of fact tourist continue to visit those areas, if they were that bad anybody in their right minds would not travel there. If you continue to follow the media, you will continue to lose your mind.

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I am more interested in the probability of existing any summed up number greater zero of all female JT readers and commentators who are also carrying 80000 or more in cash at 11.45 p.m. in dark night walking alone.

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Did she decline his offer of assistance politely?

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