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Woman assaulted, robbed while walking home


A woman was assaulted and robbed by a man as she was walking home early Sunday in Toda, Saitama Prefecture.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 1 a.m., Fuji TV reported. The woman, who is in her 30s, told police that she was walking along the sidewalk when a man suddenly came up behind her and grabbed her. The woman said the man groped her breasts and when she resisted, he yanked off her shoulder bag, containing 80,000 yen and other personal items, and ran away.

The man is described as being in his 30s, about 175 cms tall, had long black hair and was wearing a khaki jacket and beige pants.

Police said they are examining street surveillance camera footage to try and identify the assailant.

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I hope they nail this creep.

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I don’t agree with a surveillance society, but JT does seem to report a lot of Saitama crime news, so perhaps more is needed there.

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Good point, Zichi. Maybe Saitama gets more coverage 'cause their crimes are more unusual. Here's a breakdown an crime rates per capita. 検索 your neighborhood, as the list is long. http://area-info.jpn.org/CrimPerPopAll.html

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Maybe Saitama gets more coverage 'cause their crimes are more unusual. 

Not even that. Just simple confirmation bias.

Despite the continued evidence to the contrary many posters fail, or refuse, to see through it.

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Why don't they deputize a group of locals in each area and have them function as watchmen? My home country does this (tanod) and helps the local police catch and prevent crime.

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Yes Saitama has a bad rep.  but it does seem to get reported a lot on JT.  not sure this is an unusual crime - we see lots of weird assaults and bag snatching on here and in the news.

given the other article on JT, good the assault wasn't worse than the groping.....

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but it does seem to get reported a lot on JT.  

A simple count of the articles proves this wrong.

Rather it is the natural tendancy to search for and interpret evidence to validate and confirm an existing prejudice.

There will be exceptional days where the volume of articles may appear to be more for any single area. But anyone with the slightest bit of common sense will realise this is because police agencies report events in batches. This happens with all prefecture and regions... Not just saitama. Some days there will be a burst of reports from a different region. The actual date of the offence is always given which will confirm this.

As for the notion that the offences from Saitama are particularly worse than an other area... Again... Simply not true. Even if you use this site as your only source.

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Is it normal for women (or people in general) to be carrying 80,000¥ on their person?

Sounds like a (targetted) theft with a groping opportunity.

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Rare - do you have the stats to hand?  surely I can't have an unconscious bias against Saitama.

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Is it normal for women (or people in general) to be carrying 80,000¥ on their person?

In Japan, it's not an unusual amount to be carrying. Certainly not the sort of thing that would be targeted.

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Thanks @laguna

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