Woman attempts suicide after allegedly killing 5-year-old son


Police said Wednesday that a woman apparently attempted suicide after she allegedly killed her 5-year-old son at their home in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Police said they received an emergency call at 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday from a man who had discovered a boy's body and the boy's mother bleeding, TBS said. According to police, the man found that the front door was locked. After letting himself in, he found his female acquaintance lying unconscious on the floor bleeding from her left wrist and abdomen.

An emergency medical service team arrived at the scene to take the woman to hospital.They found the woman's son, Hideta Katatsuki, lying face-down in a neighboring room, having apparently been stabbed to death, TBS reported.

The woman was taken to hospital for treatment, but doctors say that she has yet to regain consciousness. Police believe the woman took her son's life before attempting to take her own.

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The police believe the story of the man who found them?

It might be a first!

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There's got to be a way to help these women before they get to that stage.

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Seriously how often is this crap go to happen this year. 2012 seems to be the scumbag jubilee. Also the is something perhaps fishy about this guy, why was he there etc etc. I'm sure there will be more information to follow.

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@yasukuni Don't help the women. Change the law. Push for joint custody so these women don't go unchecked. It's the family courts in this nation that are handing innocent children, especially boys, to mothers that are filled with selfishness and hatred towards the opposite sex.

The act of divorce in itself is self-destruction and destruction of the family unit. A woman that craves this also craves pain.

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No idea what to even think about this, stupid mother burn in hell?? Poor innocent child born to this evil, stupid woman.

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wrong one died.

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Police believe the woman took her son’s life before attempting to take her own

Nice detective work there...Captain Obvious!

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@Netninja, you said a lot there.

I don't know enough about this case to comment, and basically I am anti-divorce, and very much against the idea of children not getting to see a parent after a divorce. But, that's something that could be debated for ages.

All I know is that little girls and young women don't grow up wanting to kill their children. As much as we can all condemn the woman, the courts, society, etc etc, to me it comes down to wishing someone couldn't have gotten to this woman before it was too late.

The simple answer is that most Japanese don't talk about their problems, and most don't ask other people about them or probe. We need to come up with new ways to help people in trouble.

No doubt this woman answered every "o genki desu ka" with "genki desu, okagesama de".

But " to mothers that are filled with selfishness and hatred towards the opposite sex."

You really think there are many of them? Sounds like you know at least one...

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Police believe the woman took her sons life before attempting to take her own

Nice detective work there...Captain Obvious!

Not necessarily - we haven't got all the facts yet. Who was the man? If the door was locked (as he said) how did he let himself in? Did anyone see him findng the door locked?

NetNinja: It's the family courts in this nation that are handing innocent children, especially boys, to mothers that are filled with selfishness and hatred towards the opposite sex.

We all know how much of a woman-hater you are, you really don't need to mention it the whole time.

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Another day, another child dead at the hands of their parents... When is the government and society going to wake up to this issue?

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I wonder if they retune this article or just change the names. Yeah, yeah, this happens all over the world, but only in Japan does it happen on a near daily basis.

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This country needs better social services to catch these unstable types before they snap, too often we read the same story of a selfish mentally unstable parent going off the deep end at the expense of the children, surely someone suspected , felt, thought or saw something before this happened.

I hope this Biatch recovers and gets life for murder.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Admit...apologize...bow Admit...apologize...bow ...repeat as necessary...the courts will eventually come around.


-3 ( +3 / -6 )

RIP mom and kid. mother was probably stressed out so yeah.

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I hope this Biatch recovers and gets life for murder.

No, she won't. This is Japan. She will recover, get indicted, convicted and she will be sentenced to 3~4 years in prison if she shows no remorse if she does and/or some mental issues come to light she will most likely receive the same prison sentence suspended for 5 which is the typical outcome for first time murderers, as long as their victim was in-family of course. (children, brother, cousin etc.) Killing a stranger, especially an old person, will get you at least 10 years, meaning killing someone else's kid will get you a bit less in the prison sentence, perhaps 2 years less than if it was an adult victim. At the end everybody is sentenced differently, case by case. (Got all this info from someone working in a District Court)

That said, killing your own blood, your child in Japan isn't that of a big deal compared to killing an adult or old person. Apparently children's lives are considered less valuable in the judicial system in this country. The don't condemn you or blame you, they pity and sympathize with you. That's how Japanese society really is underneath it all. The penal system is designed to reform not condemn the prisoners. Child murderers and the like.

RIP Little Hideta

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A psychologist or maybe a forensic anthropologist should really study these cases in Japan. I'm very curious if these parents experience a similar trigger or if their outlook on child rearing is the same.

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If she lives, she will live as a murderer mommy for the rest of her life. Is she dies, she dies as murderer mommy. A few pity slashes (no matter how serious they turned out to be) aren't going to change that.

She lost all right for pity and help when she decided to take an innocent life. Now she's nothing but a murderer.

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Scum had the gall to take her own child's life yet not enough to finish off her own.

Sorry but I hate these stories, there are couples who would love to have a child yet people just seem to want to throw their's away sometimes.

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Nice detective work there...Captain Obvious!

Nothing obvious about it. For all we know, this may well be the case where the police SHOULD NOT believe the man who claims to have found them. He might in fact be the killer.

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Yep, another dead Japanese child.

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That sounds really fishy.

After letting himself in

So he was living with her? Were they dating? They couldnt be married since the article say acquaintance. What is the relationship between them, if he can just let himself in? Not trying to accuse him, but the wording is just strange.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

@Yasukuni You really think there are more of these women out there?

Absolutely. I'm long in the tooth here. I've seen it all, repeatedly here. If JT ever had a breakfast club I'd share a couple of stories with you. I'm not saying that ALL the women are monsters. However I've seen enough to say there's a percentage that share a common thread.

The immaturity and selfishness lead to these cases. Take that and throw in the fact that there are many bipolar women in this country who are NOT being treated for it. Depression is a thing that is ignored here. (You see how much yeast I'm putting into this cake?). Now to put a cherry on top. The laws here offer 0....ZERO protection for the men and children.

A former colleague of mine had his face slashed by his ex-wife. After calling the Japanese police THEY arrested him for NOT having his gaikokujin card while he was locked out of his house and bleeding. In the mean time, she's up there destroying the place in her private meltdown.

2 days later he gets out and tells us that the police told him it was his fault his wife slashed him. He should be more understanding.

But you guys think Japanese girls are so "Cawaii". I see Mallory Knox. The world is upside down here. This article proves it.

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"But you guys think Japanese girls are so "Cawaii"."

No, no,no. I've been here a long time too, married to Japanese, hear all her stories and know all about women being "kawaii" outside but different at home.

But, face-slashing wives are an exception I'd say.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

NetNinja, Yasukuni

Both of you share excellent points. It's real and it's out there. Mentally ill people. Manic Depressive, Bipolar etc. All these people that go untreated for years and years and no one seem to give a rat's ass. This a nation that shame anyone looking for help. Some people rather kill themselves than asking for help. Parents kill their children because they don't wanna burden anyone. Ask around about the real meaning of Domestic Violence. It's like dirty laundry. No one wants to talk about it. Yet it is highly condoned and accepted. In fact, the police would come up with 1,000 excuses before they take some dull action against said Male or Female perpetrator. Child Abuse, DV, mental issues. All extremely shameful in this society and at the end such people are nothing but ticking bombs walking around. All you get here is a pat in your back with the typical "gambarre" or "gaman" which is nothing but recipe for disaster. In fact, my J-husband told me once that people killing themselves in Japan was something the government would never be able to stop as there is certain people within the government that believes suicide equals weeding out the "unworthy". What else can we expect from a society that seem to pride themselves with the extraordinary high rates of suicides? That said, innocent children are being murdered more often (something that rarely happened 20 years ago!) and no one in this government seem to care. They are way more busy buying a bunch crap islands and bidding for the olympics in vain.

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Franchesca, that sounds about right.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Errr.... lol? Dejavu? Or what? I read the news about a parent killing thier child everyday here. Japan, hello? Maybe you should become more mature already?

Poor child. But yeah, I wonder if the man is somehow involved. But then again, if the woman is still alive, there'd be a spossibility she could tell if it was him. I doubt it was him.

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Poor, poor little boy. What must his final few minutes have been like? I look at my daughter who is the same age and my heart just breaks. Agree with others who have commented that the whole custody issue here drastically needs overhauling. I know so many japanese parents who have been cut out of their childs life and are broken hearted and damaged by it. The Family Court needs to accept thatcultural normson divorce and child custody have become outdated next to the needs,wants and rights of parents today. (I wont even start on international marriages and custody.)One would hope that if both parents had custodial rights and were involved in the childs upbringing, it would act as a safety net if one parent is having problems. Not to mention it is far more emotionally stable and beneficial for the children concerned. Just because you are able to pop a baby out, doesnt mean you are the one who should automatically get custody.

Tougher sentences and getting a reduced sentence because it`s your first murder (previous poster mentioned) is just ridiculous. Unfortunately, I have to agree with others on the stance that Japan is severely lacking when it comes to the rights of children.

RIP little one.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Man,,,Kanade you're right, deja vu...I'm sick and tired of reading about parents slashing their kids. I'm sick and tired of domestic disputes enedng the wrong way. I'm SICK and TIRED of this country, this culture not recognizing that there are people who need real help.

Nobody grows up wishing or wanting to kill someone. Call me simplistic but i don't think we're wired to naturally want to do damage to someone. Somewhere along the line, these people have come across something which re-wires their brains or emotions.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

showmethemoneyMay. 31, 2012 - 01:11PM JST

Nice detective work there...Captain Obvious!

Nothing obvious about it. For all we know, this may well be the case where the police SHOULD NOT believe the man who claims to have found them. He might in fact be the killer.

Î made very much the same remark but my post was deemed "impolite" and removed...

Moderator: No, your post was removed because you were impolite to another you very well know.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Another case of depression? So that means it's ok?

Or was it actually the man? Was he surprised to find the front door locked? If so, how did he let himself in? I guess he had a he was her acquaintance. Sounds like there is just as much chance that either he or the mother did it. Don't crucify her yet.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Nothing obvious about it. For all we know, this may well be the case where the police SHOULD NOT believe the man who claims to have found them. He might in fact be the killer.

Yes and no. I would think the man (if he did do it) would have finished the job by making darn sure she was dead before calling the police, otherwise she could finger him if she regains consciousness....But of course, he could be totally stupid and not figured that out.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

This is nothing new for Japan and has been going on for a long, long time. I have been here for 20+ years and it always amazes me that even people who literally torture or starve their children to death get off with a slap on the wrist. There was a story about 10-years ago of a couple that admitted raising their child as an animal, making him sleep out in the balcony, just giving him scraps of food until he finally died. The logic is you must be crazy to kill your own children so they can't really be held criminally responsible.

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