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Woman found beaten to death in Yokohama apartment


A woman was found dead in her apartment in Yokohama's Konan ward, on Wednesday night. Police said Thursday that she had apparently been beaten to death.

According to police, the woman, who has been identified as Sachiko Iida, 63, took an unauthorized day off work causing her coworkers to worry about her. Police said one of her coworkers visited her apartment at around 8 p.m. to see if she was alright, and discovered her lying face up on the floor, bleeding from her head.

Investigators believe that Iida was already dead when her coworker found her. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause and time of death.

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Was she killed for taking time off??

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I used to live near that place...scary..... ..... yet, on 2n though, 90% of murders are committed by someone already known to the victim....

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And the families that lived beside her weren't worried one bit... Although they probability heard the noise.

Whatever happened to meeting your neighbors

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Was she living alone?

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RAINkyutech: In fact, Japan Today ran a report explaining why Japan's murder rate has actually gone DOWN, despite the recession:


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RAINkyutech: Murder might have increased due to the recession, and sometimes it seems there are an awful lot in Japan.

However, Wikipedia reports that "murder rates in most countries have declined significantly during the 20th century and are now between 1-4 cases per 100,000 people per year. Murder rates in Japan, Ireland and Iceland are among the lowest in the world, around 0.5 cases per 100,000 people per year; the rate of the United States is among the highest of developed countries, around 5.5 in 2004." Turkey has around 18!

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My money is on nutty stalker or angry family member. Poor woman though. What a horrible way to go...

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I think murderer become to increase, because Japan is a recession.

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I'm glad that at least her co-workers showed up to check up on her. It's sad that she had such a tragic and violent end. RIP.

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sorry to read such a tragic story.

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That's too bad. Konan-ku is considered to be one of the safer areas of Yokohama.

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"took an unauthorized day off work " i hope being death is a good excuse for not showing up to work. no it is not funny i know, RIP

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"unauthorized day off" = hadn't requested time off in advance but failed to show up for work.

Techall, 65 is a fine optional retirement age.

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The nenkin here sucks.

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63 years old still needs to work and needs authorization to take a day off. Good to see how well Japan's "nenkin" system is working.

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another woman beaten to death. how many makes this?

Also what is an unauthorized day off? "i dont feel good today" "sorry you cant take a day off" or something?

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