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Woman found dead in Ibaraki river


The body of a woman was found Sunday in a river in Kita-Ibaraki, Ibaraki Prefecture, police said Monday. The body, which was found in the Tsunaki River, had bruises on the neck, police said. It was found floating at a spot in the river with an approximate depth of 15 cm.

Police said that traces of blood on the river's dike suggest that she was thrown into the river after being killed. The victim's name and age have not yet been released, pending notification of next of kin.

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I pray the police find the killer. If not, may karma.

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Indeed mangaman, indeed.

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I don't understand ppl sometimes. Japan got hit with the quake and tsunami and thousands died. Why are you (the murderer) also killing your own people. Karma or police hurry up!

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"quake and tsunami" does not equate to sanity. The nutters are still running around here and every where else.

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Somehow I do not believe this has anything to do with earthquakes, radiation etc..just one poor young lady getting involved with scum and scummy guys like this well are scum so we should be careful. RIP young woman found in Ibaraki river.

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@elbuda-where does it say she was young? The victim’s name and age have not yet been released, pending notification of next of kin. Does it say it on another sight?

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Shame to survive a 9.0 earthquake only to end up like this.

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Looking at a map Ibaraki got a very good shaking on the 11th, not as bad as further north though. Personally I don't see any connection to the events on the 11th.

Just a human tragedy as can occur on any day.


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