Woman found dead by ex-husband in Ibaraki


The 68-year-old owner of a restaurant in Ibaraki Prefecture was found murdered in her home by her ex-husband on Friday afternoon, police said, adding that she had been beaten about the head.

According to police, at around 5:30 p.m., the body of Goeda Nakayama was discovered in her Bando City home by her ex-husband, 73. He told police he found her lying near the back door facing up with blood coming from her head. He called police from a neighbor's home. Paramedics confirmed Nakayama dead upon their arrival.

Nakayama lived alone and ran a restaurant in a different building on the same property.

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Confusing headline. How about "Man finds ex wife murdered in Ibaraki"? Think he is involved?

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If the police do not find some strange prints or DNA or something soon, the ex-husband is going to have a confession coerced out of him whether he did it or not.

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this is a fabricated story, almost certainly done by the dastardly north koreans to undermine the safety of japan.

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Very ambiguous headline. Whatever happened to clarity in writing? No copy editors at JT?

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**kaminarioyaji: I had to re-read the headline a few times. Haha! It does have more than one possible meaning! Good eye!

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Even with evidence leading away from the ex the police have him in custody and will coerce a confession anyway. That's there specialty.

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Hmm,.. is it possible he killed her out of anger/jealousy, or maybe something to do with the place she owned. it sounds too suspcious...

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