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Woman found stabbed to death in Oita home


A 50-year-old woman was found dead in her Beppu City home early Friday morning, with several stab wounds to her upper body, police said.

Police said the woman's 23-year-old daughter came home at about 1 a.m. and called them saying there was blood in the hall near the entrance, and that she was scared to go in.

Officers arrived on the scene and searched the home, finding the woman's mother on the floor of the living room. She had been bleeding from several stab wounds to her upper body and was already dead, police said.

Police added that no weapon has been found. The woman's 54-year-old husband was not at home and police have so far not been able to contact him.

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I'm guessing it's the husband, or possibly the daughters estranged boyfriend (if she has one).

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Probably the husband, yet again underscoring the need for divorce to be welcomed with open arms by society. All too often violence, abuse, and murder result from the failure to accept that two married people can simply walk away from each other and be done with it.

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nice speculation...my God....the husband not being home = guilty?

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You have to admit, the husband not being home is suspicious. If he was away on business you'd think the daughter would have known about it seeing as she apparently still lives there.

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Haven't we all seen enough family on family crime stories on JT to form an opinion? Besides it was just a guess. It's not like I'm on the jury or anything. Relax.

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I'm wandering and guessing myself where was her husband? It is something strange with this issue. No one in the building heard anything, no scream or cry or anything. The daughter arrived home at 1.00AM, and if she is saying the truth she done the right thing to calling cops, otherwise her fingerprints will be all over.

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