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Woman found strangled in Kamakura


Police said Thursday that a woman was found dead in her apartment in Kamakura on Wednesday. Investigators said she appeared to have been strangled with a necktie.

The woman, identified as Kozue Suga, 52, was found in a first floor bedroom of her home at about 2:30 p.m., TV Asahi reported. Police said her husband, also 52, has gone missing.

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um...find the husband. Maybe he saw something.


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...gee, I wonder what happened?

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Too many details missing like: forced entry, signs of burglary, struggle, etc.

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Who found the body?

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Sherlock Holmes: Find out who owns that necktie and you will catch the culprit.

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Investigators said she appeared to have been strangled with a necktie.

I donno....I've almost strangled myself trying to tie a tie on myself before.

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Infidelity reason. One side or both. Which is not a surprising story here in Japan.

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I suggest Mr Husband, in the bedroom, with a necktie.

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Wasn't there another 50 something woman found dead yesterday? Seems to be a pattern in the 50 plus club.

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Credit check. What are they doing with their money? check for large deductions, he may be on a shink or trying to get to a plane if the husband did it. But I would like to believe that its a revenge story and the husband has gone after the killer Ex-CIA style.

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Horrible!! So sad!!! I hope the criminal is arrested ASAP!! RIP lady from Kamakura

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lol @Al

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The fact that the police mentioned her husband has "gone missing"strongly implies they suspect her husband. He'll probably give himself up in a little while - plead temporary insanity, regret his actions, get off with a few years in the clink and probation for a "crime of passion". Probably yet another case of a nagging wife who just didn't know when to shut up. Although I don't condone family homicide - I also don't condone aberrant stupidity, although I'm beginning to suspect this may be a DNA imposed behavior in certain women.

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Easy case.

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