Woman gets 7-year prison term for defrauding people out of Y177 mil


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Not harsh at all when someone has robbed you of your lifes savings.

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For any significant purchase or investment caveat emptor applies. In Japan this is especially so.

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She should've fled to the Philippines - no extradition treaty with Japan

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A Japanese court on Thursday sentenced a woman to seven years in prison for defrauding a dozen people out of about 177 million yen on the pretext of investments.

The Kumamoto District Court ruled that 63-year-old Setsuko Yamabe amassed the money from 12 people with a guarantee she would pay them dividends. Prosecutors had sought a 10-year prison term for the woman.

A resident of the town of Mashiki in quake-hit Kumamoto Prefecture, Yamabe had escaped to Thailand and was on a wanted list. After being extradited from Thailand, she was arrested in Japan in April last year.

In handing down the ruling, Presiding Judge Yoshihisa Mizokuni said Yamabe's crime was "habitual" and that she cannot escape harsh punishment.

The defendant had "used part of the collected amount for entertainment and led a luxurious lifestyle," and continued to concoct stories about investment to prevent herself from being exposed, Mizokuni said.

According to the ruling, Yamabe defrauded 12 people, including a company executive in the city of Nagoya, by guaranteeing the principal and promising them returns for a year through September 2015.

I hope I'm not off topic here, but 7 YEARS ISN'T ENOUGH.

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approx 25million pa.

nice work if you can get it.

have to wonder at her investors stupidity. Blinded by greed would be my guess.

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