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Woman hit from behind on Tokyo street; attacker gets away


Police are looking for a man who attacked a woman with a long stick while she was walking along a street in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward on Tuesday.

According to police, the 40-year-old woman was attacked with a weapon resembling a bo wooden staff near the Tokyo Imperial Palace at around 3:30 p.m. TBS reported that the man struck the woman on the head from behind, and then ran away.

Police confirmed that the man had been captured by CCTV cameras immediately before and after the incident. He is around 20 years of age, roughly 170 cm in height, with long, dyed-brown hair and wearing black clothes. It is thought the man entered Hanzomon Station and escaped by subway train immediately following the attack, TBS reported.

The woman, whose injuries are not life-threatening, told police the attacker did not look like anyone she knew.

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Go get this nut job off the streets!

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What a piece of chicken poop to attack an unarmed woman from behind with a weapon when she is not looking or expecting. This guy received many times more than the average allotted amount of cowardice when he was born, that is for sure.

Hope the woman suffers no unforeseen complications from this head wound. Hope the guy is caught and sees nothing but jail cell bars to the end of his days.

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I worked in Hanzonmon for about 3 years! There are wall to wall cops every where! The Imperial Palace is there, so the Nagatacho police station is right there, plus all of the other visible cops, making there presence known so as to scare away any loonies, then the British Embassy is also very close, so a bit surprised this fool was able to escape!

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Police confirmed that the man had been captured by CCTV cameras immediately before and after the incident

Interesting! I know police don't always call on CCTV cameras, ... well, if they protect the police, perhaps, but there will also be a blind eye.

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I hate that! So violent these days.

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Who is betting the reason he gives when caught is something like "I was feeling stressed and wanted to hurt someone"?

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In Australia we have an event called Summernauts, which is for all the car fanatics to get together, burn their rubber and be in awe of custom cars, but in Japan they have an event called Summernuts, where every crazy comes out from under his or her rock and slashes, bashes or kills complete strangers, usually kids or women. Yes, Japan is indeed a land of contrasts.

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