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Woman in coma after being hit by minivan fleeing from police car


A 23-year-old woman is in a coma after she was hit by a minivan that was being pursued by a police car in Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, police said Thursday, adding the 18-year-old driver of the minivan was arrested later in the day.

According to police, the woman was hit by the minivan as she was walking on a crossing adjacent to the parking lot of a convenience store at around 8 p.m. Wednesday. Fuji TV reported that the minivan hit the woman and then crashed into a wire fence in the parking lot. The driver fled on foot after the incident.

Police said the chase started after a patrol car spotted the minivan driving without its lights on. When the officers ordered the driver to pull over, the minivan sped off and hit the woman about 700 meters away.

The woman was taken to hospital with severe head injuries and remained unconscious on Thursday, police said.

The driver, who cannot be named because he is a minor, turned himself in at a police koban in Funabashi. Police said he did not have a driver's license. He was quoted as saying he panicked after hitting the woman.

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Pray to god that this young girl will recover soon.

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the 18-year-old driver

If this person is old enough to vote, they are old enough to be publicly named in conjunction with any crime commited.

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So, who owns the minivan? This punk is 18 and should be named. He should also be tried as an adult.

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He was quoted as saying he panicked after hitting the woman.

The idiot was gonna keep going no matter what if he was speeding away from the policeman.

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So, he was driving illegally, was committing an infraction, hit a woman and may well have killed her, fled from police, but... can't be named because he is too young? No doubt they won't charge him with much of anything, either.

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This girl will likely have permanent brain damage and disabilities if she survives. Poor girl.

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18 years old should not be considered a minor

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Poor young woman. I really do hope she pulls through she hopfully has a family that can help her.

The comment section has been consumed by the young man's name not being relased to the public due to being a minor. I feel the need to point out that this is a diffrent nation with diffrent laws and methods of action. Also it was not until 2013 that the legal age of adulthood was dropped to 18 years old, but most citizens of Japan do not agree with this change. With this is mind, it's safe to assume that whatever news station came from does not acknowldge the change of legal adulthood. Plus knowing his name does nothing in helping the young lady in a coma and he is proabably going to be dealt with accordingly for evading police and severely.

We should be putting our attentsion on this young lady and her friends and family.

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