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Woman indicted for pushing 9-year-old son to death from Tokyo hotel


Prosecutors in Tokyo have indicted a 47-year-old woman for murder after she was arrested for allegedly pushing her 9-year-old son to his death from a Tokyo hotel last December.

According to the indictment, the woman checked into the hotel in Kabukicho in Shinjuku Ward, with her son and her 7-year-old daughter on the evening of Dec 28, Kyodo News reported. Prosecutors allege that the woman pushed her son from emergency stairs on the 23rd floor of hotel the next morning.

A police officer found the boy lying on the ground outside the hotel at around 7 a.m. and saw the woman looking down from the 23rd floor stairwell.

The woman’s daughter was in their room and was not harmed. 

The suspect, whose name had not been released, underwent three months of psychiatric tests to determine if she was fit to stand trial.

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She pushed her son, she's normal. Unless if it's an accident or the kid fell. Where's the CCTV of the hotel?

Information about this shocking incident has been very sparse from the beginning. I remember it was one of the APA hotels near Shinjuku, other than we never got more information than given here. Very strange, considering the J media are usually very interested in murder cases.

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She pushed her son, she's normal. Unless if it's an accident or the kid fell. Where's the CCTV of the hotel?

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She’s “indicted.” It’s not up to JT readers to convict her, even before the case had gone to trial.

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I remember this case and I still want to know the background for this. A woman murdering her young son is extremely unusual.

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> RedstormToday 10:24 am JST

The murder rate in Japan is very low. 0.3%

This is also partly dependent on how murder is defined and many prosecutors will indict someone on the lesser charge of manslaughter because they feel it's easier to obtain a conviction.

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What does SHE say? That might have made this not just another horror story devoid of any depth to titillate the mindless.

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WTAF?!?! :O

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Almost everyday the Japanese news reports a murder in Japan.

Most of them people who murdered their own family members.

0 ( +4 / -4 )

Able to push that kid to his death, able to stand trial and face the consequences of her actions.

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OMG! How horrible. My son is so attached to his mom as he sees her as his protector and nurturer. Feel terrible for this poor little boy whose mother was anything but. RIP

7 ( +11 / -4 )

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